SPE-KSA Section - The Annual Technical Symposium and Exhibition

Why should you attend 2018 ATS&E?

ATS&E provides an opportunity to share and present your knowledge among peers, effectively network with industry leaders, and learn about the newest and greatest technology from peer reviewed papers.
At 2018 ATS&E there will be more than 200 papers presented in 30+ sessions covering topics from Reservoirs Engineering to Energy Economics, and form Exploration and Appraisal to IR4.0.

Call for abstract is now open

Deadline: Abstracts will be accepted until Thursday January 18th, 2018 at 11:59 P.M., Saudi Arabia time (accepted manuscript submission deadline is on Thursday March 22, 2018).
ATS&E is the flagship of SPE-KSA events, and its technical sessions are taking place in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia between April 24 and 26. As a hub for best quality papers and posters , ATS&E attracts industry professionals and academia members in Saudi Arabia and from around the world.
We're looking forward to seeing you in Dhahran.

Submit Your Abstract Now

Technical Categories: Please submit your abstract under one of the main categories below. Choose the closest category that better fits your paper.

Abstract Content: A proper review of your abstract requires that it contain adequate information on which to make a judgement. Written in English and containing a maximum of 450 words, abstracts should be summarized into four (4) specific paragraphs.

  • Objective: Please list the objective and/or scope of the proposed paper.
  • Methods and Procedures: Briefly explain your overall approach, including your methods, procedures and process.
  • Results and Conclusions: Please describe the results, observations and conclusions of the proposed paper.
  • Novel and Additive Information: Please explain how this paper will present novel (new) or additive information to the existing body of literature that can be of benefit to and/or add to the state of knowledge in the petroleum industry.

Do not include title or author names in the body of the abstract. Title and author information will be requested separately through the submission system.

Abstract Submission Guidelines: Oral Presentations/ePosters for the 2018 ATS&E Conference will be selected from abstracts submitted to ATS&E Technical Committee. The Technical Committee will consider all abstracts submitted by the deadline of Thursday January 18th, 2018 at 11:59 P.M. Saudi Arabia Time. Early submission is particularly important to ensure that the committee members have plenty of time to review the abstracts. Author's acceptance Notifications will be sent in January 2018 to the selected abstracts.

Guidelines for Accepted Abstracts:

  • Obtain necessary clearance from your organization.
  • Your abstract could be accepted for either Oral Presentation or ePoster Presentation.
  • If accepted, your abstract may be published, as submitted, in conference information media and on the SPE-KSA website.
  • Authors whose abstracts are accepted will be required to provide a full manuscript for inclusion in the Conference Proceedings.
  • Authors who do not submit a manuscript and the associated publication forms by the stated deadline will be withdrawn from the program and will not be allowed to present per SPE's No Paper/No Podium Policy.

For More Information:
Contact us at ATS&E_TP@spe.org