SPE-KSA Section - The Annual Technical Symposium and Exhibition
Sorry to inform you that the deadline for abstract submission was exceeded.
If you did not received an email regard your abstract status, please check your email spam/ junk.
Also, you can refer to Abstract status website, https://spe-ksa.org/atse/AbstractStatus.
Please use SPE-KSA manuscript submission system,
for login, use the Entry ID and email send to you in the acceptance email.
Currently, you can utilize the Entry ID sent to you through the acceptance email. The SPE manuscript number will be assign to your manuscript after publishing it in OnePetro
SPE does not have a page or word limit for manuscripts, but the average manuscript length is 8-12 pages (including figures and tables).
In https://www.onepetro.org/ which is an online library of technical literature for the oil and gas exploration and production (E&P) industry. With contributions from 18 publishing partners and providing access to over 160,000 items.
The SPE-KSA manuscript submission system (https://spe-ksa.org/atse/manuscript.php) contain all the needed forms template and forms.
The manuscript template is available in the SPE-KSA manuscript submission system (https://spe-ksa.org/atse/manuscript.php).
Slight update will be accepted, it shall be conducted through the SPE-KSA manuscript submission system (https://spe-ksa.org/atse/manuscript.php).
Yes, but ensure to add the presenter information in the SPE-KSA manuscript submission system (https://spe-ksa.org/atse/manuscript.php).
Yes, this event operates under a NO PAPER/NO PODIUM policy. You are required to submit a full manuscript in order to conduct the presentation.
Yes, it is mandatory to follow the conference standard presentation template, it is available in the SPE-KSA manuscript submission system (https://spe-ksa.org/atse/manuscript.php).
Close to the event, your session chairperson contacts will be sent to you, in order to share your presentation ppt file with this for his review, and further instruction.
Categorizing an abstract as alternate, indicates that your abstract got a good score and has an interesting topic, but it could not be accommodated in the limited available technical sessions and ePosters. Even though, your manuscript will be published in OnePetro (as a technical paper with no indication that it was alternate). In case cancelations happen to technical papers or e-Poster from now until the day of the event you will be upgraded to present your manuscript, either as an e-Poster or as a technical paper, thus please have your presentation slides ready.
Yes, and should be available on the appointed session, and ready to conduct a presentation if needed.
Authors and presenter will be informed about their session date/time few weeks before the event start.
  • The total time for presentation should be limited to 20 minutes as follow, 15 minutes for presenter, followed by 5 minutes Questions & Answers.
  • For E-Posters the total time should be 10 minutes including Questions and Answers.
2018 SPE-KSA ATS&E scheduling team will publish the finalized schedule on the main ATS&E website soon.
This event is sponsored by SPE-Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and they provided with no cost. Still it requires registration, which can be done physically on the event location
Other than the VISA processing (see below), All such logistic shall be handle by the participant themselves.
2018 SPE-KSA ATS&E scheduling team will publish the finalized schedule on the main ATS&E website soon.
SPE-KSA will gather needed data and apply for the entry Visa to Saudi Arabia. However, SPE-KSA will not make any payment required to obtain the entry Visa; all fees will be paid by the author. SPE-KSA provides this service to support the presenter of the paper, and all other coauthors need to apply for an entry Visa on their own if they wish. Please fill all the needed information in the Visa section in SPE-KSA manuscript submission system (https://spe-ksa.org/atse/manuscript.php). Please note that SPE-KSA provides this service to issue the needed entry Visa without any guarantee that it is granted by the Saudi government.
Due the time it requires to process the VISA, it is mandatory to fill and submit all the VISA information as-soon-as-possible. No need to complete the manuscript in order to request the VISA.
The acceptance letter can be utilized as invitation letter. If there is another format needed, please contact 'SPE-KSA ATS&E Technical Program Team' atse_tp@spe-ksa.org
If you already filled the VISA section in the manuscript submission system, then it will be processed by 2018 SPE-KSA ATS&E VISA team, sorry to inform you that the time-frame is not within their controller, but they are working hard to expedite the process ... and they will update you with the progress accordingly.