ATS&E 2018

The courses and workshops offered at the 2018 ATS&E are presented and instructed by top academic leaders and renowned industry experts around the world. To cover a wide range of SPE disciplines, we strive to offer rich and diverse topics while focusing on current industry needs and challenges. The advanced technical courses and workshops are combined with soft skill courses to maximize the benefit to SPE members. Our courses and workshops offer Professional Development Hours (PDH) and Continuous Educational Units (CEU). They are recognized in the training history of Saudi Aramco and other major service companies in the Kingdom.

PEC&W Vision:

We envision our team as a partner in technical and professional development of SPE-KSA section members; and as a living example of synergy, professionalism and dedication. We aspire to become the destination of high quality SPE courses and workshops in the region.

PEC&W Mission:

To facilitate, advertise for, and offer courses and workshops of the highest technical content, taught by university professors and renowned industry experts, worthy of SPE Professional Development Hours (PDH) and Continuous Educational Units (CEU) classification. In addition, we aim to optimize the courses’ capital and quality, increase participants’ attendance, and maximize their benefit from our Courses and Workshops.