Here’s to Schlumberger’s 80 years of innovation and excellence.


Schlumberger’s historical and successful presence in the Kingdom is a demonstration of how to bring the best of local culture and international experience. Hard work, a passion for excellence, a constant focus on developing talents, and unparalleled efforts have kept the stalwart in place for decades. By achieving resounding success for over 80 years, Schlumberger is thrilled to celebrate this remarkable anniversary. The Schlumberger brothers invented Wireline logging back in 1927. On Oct 03, 1941, the first log was recorded in Saudi, near Dammam see figure 1. Since then, Schlumberger has been striving to be the partner of choice to invest and unlock the massive potential of the Oil and Gas sector in Saudi and bring its contribution to the success of the Kingdom. Some images of Schlumberger operations in Saudi from the 1970s are seen in figure 2.

Figure 1: Image of the first log recorded in 1941, the first log near Dammam, Saudi Arabia. 
Figure 2: Some images of Schlumberger operations in Saudi from the 1970s, cementing the company’s rich legacy and history in KSA. 
Figure 3: Image of Schlumberger employees in Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia in 1981.

 One of the greatest stories in the Kingdom has been the launch of integrated projects under the model of a Lump Sum Turn Key. Piloted in 1996 in the Shaybah field, it was later adopted by Saudi Aramco. Not only has Schlumberger been an industry leader in such performance model projects, but the company has also created the blueprint by which other companies have followed.

Schlumberger was the first company to establish a state-of-the-art oilfield research center in Dhahran Techno Valley. Completed in 2006, this initiative stands as the cornerstone of an exciting collaboration with Saudi Aramco for fit-for-basin technologies. The center has now onboarded digital initiatives that help improve performance in drilling and sustainability.

With such an array of amazing milestones to its credit, Schlumberger also inaugurated The Center for Reliability and Efficiency (CRE) in 2016 as part of its ongoing efforts to strengthen the local supply chain. The CRE is the home for the maintenance of oilfield tools and equipment. The center is the largest maintenance facility owned by Schlumberger worldwide and as a result, it hosts over 1,000 employees, predominantly Saudis see figure 4. 

Figure 4: The Center for Reliability and Efficiency (CRE) inaugurated in 2016.

Over the last decade and despite industry downturns, Schlumberger continued to develop its presence in the Kingdom.  Last year, it was the first upstream services company to establish a local manufacturing facility in King Salman Energy Park (SPARK) thus enabling an agile fit-for-basin capability that links research, product development, and now manufacturing to the needs of the Saudi Arabian market. The SPARK center also plans to manufacture other Cameron products very soon as the demand grows seen in figure 5.


Schlumberger also has stood strong at the forefront of acting as a strategic enabler in the Kingdom and a major milestone in relation to its diversity and inclusion is where it became the first company to have a female Saudi engineer in an oilfield. Diversity is a key part of its success which has led to a major focus on gender balance for over 25 years now.

Schlumberger’s culture is key to its success. Relying on a tight-knit community of colleagues to challenge and support each other has allowed the company to achieve such ambitious goals. Being global in outlook and local in practice, Schlumberger is united by a shared passion for discovery and a commitment to constantly pushing boundaries. Committed to customers, constantly learning and growing while driven by a strong safety and sustainability culture, Schlumberger thrives when faced with the most complex technical challenges. 

Looking forward to 80 more, Schlumberger seeks to always improve its performance and extend the technical limits of the energy industry by pioneering new approaches and harnessing the latest advances in disciplines including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and more to create amazing technology that unlocks access to energy for the benefit of all. This is the pulse and spirit of Schlumberger, which stands as an essential aspect of its business strategy.

Continuing with the same passion for excellence and leveraging its expertise in the industrialization of technologies, its ability to create strong partnerships globally with culturally diverse players, and its industry-leading digital capabilities, Schlumberger aims at contributing to revolutionary changes within the energy sector in the region. 

The company plans to bring necessary changes within its infrastructure and hire top-notch professionals for maximizing productivity and bringing profitable rewards to the Kingdom. Thinking beyond boundaries when it comes to progression and evolution. And certainly, there’s no compromise on that at Schlumberger.

Ziad Jeha, Managing Director – Schlumberger Saudi Arabia.



“We are proud of our contribution to the development of the Kingdom’s energy sector over the past 80 years. We will continue this journey for many years to come.”




As they say, the greatest stories are not always told but lived and for sure Schlumberger’s 80 years of this relentless commitment to the Kingdom further intensifies with every passing day. Young at 80 and young forever to serve its people. 

Figure 6: Saudi & Schlumberger‘s first female maintenance engineer, Rawan AlAbdulhadi

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