How was it created? 

The cover was created using 3D printing technology, combining our heritage and digital tools and celebrating Yousef Al-Hammadi, local talent, and owner of Mishq studio. 

The meaning behind the theme of this issue

The theme of this issue is “Today’s Energy Shapes our Tomorrow,” and on the cover, the phrase is spelled out in Arabic “طاقة اليوم تصنع الغد” and is shaped into the Kingdom’s map. The theme celebrates the energy we put into today, whether in the form of natural resources or other forms of energy and pays tribute to the role it has played in shaping the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and our future. The theme also ties into the editorial of this issue, where we explore the evolution of the energy industry from 1930 to 2030, and how it has dramatically transformed the Kingdom into the prosperous nation we are today. Additionally, “today’s energy” also pays tribute to our greatest resource, our people, and the role we play in creating our tomorrow. 

The cover artist 

For this first issue of SandRose, the editorial team worked with Mishq, a design company based in Khobar, Saudi Arabia, to produce the first 3D printed cover art. Visit Mishq’s website at: Follow the artist on Instagram @ya.calligrapher and on Twitter @Mishqsa




Cover art design mock-up from inception to 3D printed sculpture

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