Dr. Ahmed Bubshait
SPE-KSA Chairman

Ahmed Bubshait is Unit Head of Safaniya Reservoir Management Team and PE&D CoP leader.  He holds a Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Southern California (USC), a Master’s degree in project management as well as a Master’s degree in petroleum engineering and artificial intelligence that he earned in 2012. His specialties include petroleum engineering, project management and digital transformation. His experience spans the development of reservoir management techniques to enhance reservoir production and sweep efficiency. He is a digital transformation champion for subsurface development and intelligent completion technologies. During his tenure at USC, He was an active member of Reservoir Monitoring Consortium (RMC), Geosystems Engineering and Mutliphysics (GEM) lab and Global Energy Network (GEN). He has also authored several technical papers on topics related to reservoir management, well completion and reservoir characterization/modeling.

Seba Almaghlouth
Technical & Professional
Programs Chairperson

Seba is the current Technical & Professional Programs Chairperson for the SPE-KSA 2021-2023 term.  She works as a Systems Analyst with the Upstream Digital Transformation Department at Saudi Aramco with nine years of experience in the disciplines of digital upstream and 4IR. She holds a BSc degree in information technology from Prince Mohammed bin Fahad University and an MSc degree in software engineering from Pennsylvania State University. She has also served as the SPE-KSA Student Outreach Chairperson for the 2019–2021 term after volunteering in numerous roles within the section. This term, the Technical and Professional Programs will introduce many programs in a virtual and in-person setting to reach the Kingdom’s technical and professional audience.

Abdullah Al-Thuwaini
Public Relations Chairperson

Abdullah Al-Thuwaini is a Supervisor in the Gas Reservoir Management Department in Saudi Aramco and the recently appointed SPE-KSA Public Relation Chairperson. His job focuses on managing and developing gas reservoir fields through strategic development and optimization strategies to maximize production with the utmost economical approaches. He has been an active SPE-KSA member since 2012, in which he was involved in several teams and held different positions as a team lead and Vice Chair. As part of his PR role, his aim is to uplift SPE-KSA’s public print to reach all attainable platforms through creative promotion and marketing strategies. Abdullah has a BSc in petroleum engineering from the University of Tulsa and MSc from the University of New South Wales.

Fatimah Al-Balawi
Young Professionals Chairperson

Fatimah Al-Balawi is a Petroleum Engineer at the Gas Reservoir Management Department at Saudi Aramco, and the Young Professionals Chairperson at SPE-KSA. She received her BSc in petroleum and natural gas engineering from the Pennsylvania State University. Fatimah’s experience covers reservoir and simulation engineering, focusing on gas fields. Her expertise involve handling drilling and production operations, along with reservoir engineering tasks.    Fatimah contributed in many critical projects as a simulation engineer, allowing her to gain the fundamentals of reservoir simulation. Fatimah’s started with SPE-KSA in 2018, where she participated and lead many SPE teams since joining. She was also a core member of the SPE-KSA Young Professionals, Student Outreach, as well as the Technical and Professional Programs teams. This term, the Young Professionals committee aims to continue its innovative approach to developing the 7,000+ young professionals of SPE-KSA by introducing a host of new and exciting initiatives and enhancing the existing ones. To develop the technical knowledge and professional competency of the leaders of tomorrow all around the kingdom.

Maher Rahayyem
Conference Management Chairperson

Maher Rahayyem is a Petroleum Engineer working in the Production & Facilities Development Department (P&FDD) at Saudi Aramco. He is currently a Supervisor of the South Ghawar gas facilities unit. He obtained his Master’s degree in petroleum engineering from the University of New South Wales (UNSW). He was the recipient of the UNSW Outstanding Postgraduate Award in 2018. Maher has led many teams within SPE-KSA since 2014 including the most notably Young Professionals Technical Symposium Co-Chairperson for two terms in a row (2014-2016). He also directed numerous T&SA events as the Event Management Chairperson (2015-2016) and as a member of the MEOS Organizing Committee (2019). Recently, Maher headed the registration team as part of the 2020 IPTC Guest Relations Team, in addition to the Public Relations team in Saudi Aramco Booth. Maher is passionate about empowering and positively impacting people through his professional career and volunteering through SPE-KSA. His current role in SPE-KSA is to lead a newly formed committee for conference management, whereby the team will support various SPE conferences and symposia in the region.

Yara Alzahid
Diversity and Inclusion Chairperson

Yara Alzahid is a Petroleum Scientist working in EXPEC Advanced Research Center at Saudi Aramco. She obtained her Master’s degree from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) and Ph.D. in petroleum engineering from the University of New South Wales (UNSW). She was the recipient of the UNSW Dean’s Award for outstanding Ph.D. thesis. Since starting her research career in 2014, she published 12 technical papers, 6 of which are peer-reviewed journal publications. She has 1 granted patent from the US patent office and disclosed 4 more patents. Her research interests include chemical enhanced oil recovery and fluid flow and transport in porous media. Yara has led many research project collaborations and initiatives within her department. She is extremely passionate about diversity and inclusion, particularly encouraging women to pursue careers in STEM majors. She is establishing the Diversity and Inclusion committee, a newly added committee within SPE-KSA. Additionally, she recently established a local section of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) here in Dhahran.

Meshal Alshalan
Student Outreach Chairperson

Meshal Alshalan is a Petroleum Engineer with Production & Facilities Development Department in Saudi Aramco and is currently working with the Southern Area Reservoir Management Department. He earned a BSc in chemical engineering from West Virginia University in 2018 and worked as a Research Assistant for one year. He has been active with SPE-KSA since joining Saudi Aramco in 2019, as he was the Team Leader of the University Outreach Program within Student Outreach. He has led several initiatives for university students including multiple virtual learning opportunities, workshops, and programs that connect students with professionals in the energy sector. In the current term of 2021-2023, the Student Outreach vision will be to enable a transparent relationship between academia and the professionals in the industry in order to facilitate and cultivate students’ growth toward the professional world. The aim is to support students of all ages with a variety of learning opportunities aiding to develop the technical, interpersonal, and leadership skills of our young leaders. Meshal is keen on comprehensively lifting student participation with the industry. By cultivating this environment, he is confident of our young leaders’ potential and that their positive impact on society will be evident.

Nahid Aldossary
Trips and Social Activities Chairperson

Nahid Aldossary is the current TS&A Chairperson for 2021-2023. She began her career as a member of the Human Resources personnel working at Dhahran Academy. Since 2019, Nahid has worked with Schlumberger as a Field Deployment Lead. Nahid has started her journey with SPE back in 2011 when she was the SPE representative for her company. Her enthusiasm and desire to help are what attracted her to join SPE and to be an active member in its communities. In her spare time, she enjoys running and traveling. Earlier this year, she participated in Spartan World Championship in Greece, where she was the only female participating in the race winning her first Trifecta this year. She also participated in the Spartan race in Muscat, Oman, where she won her second Trifecta for the year. 

Reem Alsadoun
SandRose Magazine

Reem Alsadoun is a Reservoir Engineer working for Unconventional Reservoir Management Division in the Unconventional Reservoir Engineering Department (URED) at Saudi Aramco. Her previous work experience includes working with the Event Solution Center at the Reservoir Description and Simulation Department and the Unconventional Reserves and Development Strategy Division. Prior to joining Saudi Aramco, Reem completed her bachelor’s degree in petroleum of engineering at the University of New South Wales in 2018. During her time at university, she was also on the SPE student chapter executive committee for which she was awarded the school’s Outstanding Leadership Award in 2017. As an undergraduate, Reem Also finished first in the SPE International Student Paper Contest in 2018. In 2021, Reem and her team participated in the SPE-KSA Endogenous program, Circular Carbon Economy Challenge winning the top prize. In addition to volunteering in numerous roles within the section, Reem has also been a Senior Editor with the SandRose Magazine team since 2018. She is currently Editor-in-Chief of SandRose Magazine, the official publication of SPE-KSA.  

Mohammed Alsomali
Information Technology Chairperson

Mohammed Alsomali is a Petroleum Engineering Systems Analyst at Saudi Aramco’s EXPEC Computer Center providing technology solutions and services to the Unconventional Resources (UR) organization. He has contributed to the deployment of software solutions that span multiple domains from emerging unconventional exploration to drilling, production engineering, and reservoir management. Mohammed has also led numerous efforts, notably the establishment of business continuity, application virtualization, and industry-standard development practice to enhance the performance, security, and overall reliability of UR in-house systems. As Information Technology Chairperson, Mohammed will continue to uphold and reinforce the section’s excellence by adopting key strategies, such as digital transformation to ultimately widen reach, enhance members’ experience and automate processes. Mohammed holds a BSc in computer science from the Queen Mary University of London.

Mohammed Almuslem
Event Management Chairperson

Mohammed Almuslem is a Petroleum Engineer currently leading the Advanced Data Integration & Analytics team under the Reservoir Description & Simulation Department at Saudi Aramco. He holds a BSc degree in petroleum engineering from the University of Manchester, and an MSc in petroleum engineering with smart oilfield technologies certification from the University of Southern California. Mohammed has been actively involved with SPE-KSA since he joined Saudi Aramco in 2012, and has volunteered in numerous roles within the section, leading up to his current role as the Event Management Chairperson. In this role, his team is tasked with providing and supporting all SPE-KSA teams to deliver high-quality events and activities.

Akram Al-Barghouti
Membership Chairperson

Akram Al-Barghouti is an SPE-certified Petroleum Engineer and the 2021-2023 SPE-KSA Membership Chairperson. He graduated in 2013 with a BSc in petroleum engineering and two minors in business administration and technical sales from Louisiana State University. Since then, he has been working in Saudi Aramco for eight years, where he spent the first seven years within the production engineering discipline, working on different oil fields within the southern area, including the unique Empty Quarter field Shaybah, and then he assumed the role of a reservoir engineer for a year. Within these eight years, he attended multiple technical and non-technical training programs and assignments, with multiple technical publications and patents to his name. Since joining Saudi Aramco, Akram has been thoroughly active with the SPE-KSA section. He was the Planning and Coordination Chairperson for the PE-KSA 2017-2018 Executive Board and has also led and volunteered in various teams within the section.

Talal Sager

Talal Sager is an SPE Certified Petroleum Engineer and the current SPE-KSA Treasurer for the 2021-2023 term. He holds a BSc and an MSc in petroleum engineering from the University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas at Austin, respectively. Talal joined Saudi Aramco in 2013. Since then, he has held various roles and responsibilities in different disciplines, namely reservoir, and production engineering. His work involved technical and leadership roles and he is now part of the PE 4.0 Digital Transformation Team. He has also co-authored several technical publications and patents. Talal has been contributing to the SPE-KSA section since he joined Saudi Aramco including while leading the Ambassador Lecturer Program. Talal also served as the Planning & Coordination Chairperson for the 2016-2017 term.

Heba AlNassar
Planning and Coordination Chairperson

Heba AlNassar works as a Petroleum Engineer in the Reservoir Management Department at Saudi Aramco and is the Chairperson of Planning and Coordination of SPE-KSA for the 2021-2023 term. Heba received her BSc in petroleum and natural gas engineering at Pennsylvania State University. Throughout her career, Heba has been involved in numerous transformative initiatives, a prime example of which is PE4.0. Guided by this passion, she is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Data Science. Through her involvement with SPE-KSA, Heba served as a member of the Diversity and Inclusion team at the 2020 International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC). She was part of the team receiving the best Young Professionals Project Award at the 2020 SPE-KSA Young Professional’s Technical Symposium (Endogenous). She was also part of the CEO-recognized winning team of the 2021 YLAB Sustainability Hackathon.

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