Maher Rahayyem

SPE-KSA Executive Board Chairman

Dear valued reader,

As we press on with our 65th anniversary, we forge a new path forward with a renewed drive to build upon SPE-KSA’s illustrious legacy. We take on this journey as we welcome new members that have propelled us to yet another membership record, at over 12,000 professionals and students. 

Our renewed focus is further honed by a refresh of SPE-KSA’s strategy, marked by our mission to empower a community of connected energy professionals through comprehensive skill development, fostering their ability to lead and innovate, and driving the advancement of the industry. 

Looking forward to our esteemed section’s promising future, we envision SPE-KSA to be the leading organization in an evolving energy industry, by empowering, connecting, and advancing energy professionals while transcending our commitment towards our community in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

In the energy industry, we have seen tremendous successes, ground-breaking discoveries, and revolutionary breakthroughs over the years. Within this shifting landscape, we prioritize our leadership in the energy sector, establishing a standard for sustainability, and spearheading the digital revolution at SPE-KSA. Through fostering a dynamic community that values information exchange, social responsibility, and teamwork, we cultivate an atmosphere that fosters innovation and excellence.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has supported us throughout the years, both past and present, as we celebrate these decades of contribution to our industry and community. We express our gratitude to SPE-KSA’s sponsors, supporters, members, and volunteers for their unwavering support, enthusiasm, and priceless contributions, all of which have helped us advance and leave a lasting impression on the energy sector. As a team, we endeavor to honor the tradition of excellence that characterizes the SPE-KSA section while also influencing the future and inspiring upcoming generations.

In this edition of SandRose, we are pleased to present diverse articles, highlighting key events and introducing new and revamped flagships that align with our mission, such as NMO, Growth Quest, Spectrum, and ROSHD. As our SPE-KSA family grows, we are delighted to shine a spotlight on our activities from our various committees.

I would like to extend a warm welcome to you on behalf of the Executive Board members for the exciting launch of SandRose Magazine’s second edition for this term. I want to sincerely thank the SandRose team and all of the contributors for their diligent efforts in developing this issue. As we continue on our wonderful journey together, I look forward to sharing new ideas, stories, and achievements with our growing and resilient community.



2023-2025 SPE-KSA Executive Board

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