As chairman of the SPE-KSA section, I am delighted to welcome you to this new term and the first edition of SandRose Magazine. The mission of SPE has always been to promote knowledge dissemination and to promote the technical and professional competencies of SPE members. Since the establishment of SPE-KSA in 1959, the section has continued to uphold this mission and expanded our role to social responsibilities and stewardship towards our community. In 2021 we started this term on a high note, officially becoming the largest SPE section in the world. I want to acknowledge the outgoing 2019-2021 committee and all proceeding terms for paving the way towards achieving this remarkable milestone. Additionally, I would like to thank SPE-KSA beneficiaries, members, and volunteers for their support, allowing us to continue to thrive to reach the success and renown we have today. In this special edition of SandRose, we commemorate this landmark accomplishment with quotes from the SPE-KSA Board of Directors and SPE International Leaders.

In the 2021-2023 term, we are also excited to introduce a host of exciting programs and initiatives revolving around three key themes: Energy, Sustainability, and Digital Transformation. The inspiration behind these three areas centers around the unique times we live in. The role of the energy industry has continuously evolved. In our current time, in addition to extracting and producing energy, oil and gas companies are also now focused on doing so efficiently and more sustainably, making them leaders in energy and stewards of sustainability. This term, we look forward to bringing back some flagship SPE-KSA events and programs in addition to introducing a host of new programs by capitalizing on the synergy between the physical and digital worlds and in service to our industry and our society.

True to the mission of SPE, in this edition of SandRose, we introduce an array of technical articles, and we also highlight some key SPE-KSA events from the newly established Diversity and Inclusion Committee and the Student Outreach Team. Finally, I would like to thank the SandRose team and contributors for their hard work and dedication in creating this issue, and I look forward to the future installments of the magazine.

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