SPE-KSA’s Diversity and Inclusion committee held a mental health awareness event on October 17th at Salt AlBahar, Khobar. It was the first in-person event held by the SPE-KSA 2021-2023 term. The main goal of this event was to present the attendees with various methods to unwind after experiencing stressful days. The event also aimed to highlight the importance of mental health and raise awareness towards it.

  The event activities included board games, painting activities, photo booths, and a meditation session. The board games allowed the attendees to socialize and meet new people. The painting activity, led by Bara AlArfaj, was centered around expressing emotions onto the painting canvas. The artist explained that he draws inspiration from his own feelings and encouraged all the participants to do the same. After introducing the attendees to what he called “art therapy”, the artist gave a few examples of drawing techniques he currently uses. This activity was well received by the partakers, who allowed their creativity to take over. As the sun was setting, the attendees were called over to attend a guided yoga session led by Muneerah AlArdhi, Founder of Mantra Studio. The session began with the instructor explaining her background and what led her to discover a passion for meditation and yoga. The instructor then informed the participants that the meditative yoga session they will partake in will be “Yoga Nidra”. The focus of this type of yoga would be meditation by allowing the body and mind to relax completely. The attendees responded well and were fully engaged in this activity. The event’s activities concluded with a photo booth where everyone took memorable pictures to remember the successful event. 

The SPE-KSA D&I committee received great feedback from the participants and is looking forward to holding more in-person events in the future.

To watch a video of the event scan the QR Code or visit link

YouTube: Relaxation Journey – Mental Health Awareness | SPE-KSA

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