Author: Hala A. Alhashmi, Editor-in-Chief


This edition marks the 8th and last edition for the term 2019-21, and it is, to say the least, bitter sweet to write this message. I have utmost confidence that the SandRose team for the upcoming term, 2021-23, led by Reem Alsadoun, will continue to uphold the standards of this publication and will take it to the next level. As I bid farewell to my role as Editor-in-Chief, it is crucial that I acknowledge each and every person who has had a hand in the success of SandRose. The dedication of our editors, artists and contributors is absolutely inspiring, and while I personally thoroughly enjoyed editing, writing, reviewing and exploring new talents, I can candidly say that I attribute the success of SandRose from 2019-21 to the talented SandRose team and all contributors. Some were there from day one, others have come and gone and many were one-time contributors. All, however, were superstars.


SandRose has shown me that our people are willing to give from their own time and go above and beyond the call of duty when they believe in your vision and your direction. As a matter of fact, this does not apply to SandRose alone. SPE-KSA is a platform designed for precisely those aforementioned, special individuals, who will give a 110% simply to support in serving a bigger purpose. That purpose includes disseminating knowledge, developing young professionals and supporting our local communities.

If you revert back to any of the previous SandRose editions, or browse the SPE-KSA website, you will see those efforts in action, and that is only a fraction of the story. The section’s teams and volunteers have continued to, against all odds, carry out their activities in an exceptional fashion. Throughout the term, SPE-KSA has supported the industry through disseminating knowledge and developing both the technical and non-technical skills of its members. Moreover, it has supported its local and global communities by contributing in critical causes and both leading and participating in large-impact initiatives.

In this edition, you will read about the section’s most recent activities, including Endogenous, SPE-KSA’s flagship program. You will also read about what other sections are doing, along with both technical and non-technical articles written by our contributors. Additionally, the edition highlights our Volunteers of the Year, and features an article on the Society of Women Engineers. Last but not least, the edition features an interesting piece by our sponsor for the edition, Baker Hughes.

As we conclude our term, I would like to reiterate my gratitude to all of SandRose’s contributors, and give a special round of applause to the members of the SandRose team. I also thank all of our sponsors for believing in us. Last but not least, I thank you, our readers, for supporting us and motivating us to always push above and beyond in presenting you with exceptional products.