Raghad Hanbazazah
PMU, Mechanical Engineer
President, SPE PMU Student Chapter

What does SPE mean to you?

Being the president of the SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) student chapter at KFUPM (King Fahad University of Petroleum & Minerals) for the term 2023-2024 has been a truly transformative experience. It has brought me closer to the SPE and its mission. Through our chapter, I have learned that volunteering is not just about helping others; it is about creating a positive impact that can change perspectives and lives.

For us at PMU, SPE embodies our commitment to excellence in petroleum engineering education and practice. It’s not just an organization; it’s a gateway to opportunities, resources, and connections that empower our members to thrive in their academic and professional pursuits.

SPE fosters a culture of innovation and collaboration, encouraging members to explore new ideas. Through SPE, we access a wealth of technical publications, conferences, workshops, and training programs that keep us abreast of the latest developments in our field.

As the president of our chapter, I take it as my personal mission to inspire, guide, and support our members in realizing their full potential. I believe that by fostering a culture of leadership and service, we can make a significant impact in our community and contribute to the greater good.

For us, SPE is not just an acronym; it’s a symbol of our collective passion, dedication, and aspirations in the field of petroleum engineering. It’s a privilege to be part of this esteemed organization, and I’m honored to lead our chapter in upholding its values and advancing its mission.

How has SPE influenced your journey as a student and impacted the broader university community?

As a student at PMU, SPE has profoundly influenced my journey and made a significant impact on the broader university community. Being with the SPE student chapter for three years in a row, I’ve experienced firsthand the invaluable opportunities for personal and professional growth it provides. Through its various events, workshops, and networking opportunities, I’ve enhanced my knowledge of petroleum engineering and related fields, developed essential skills, and connected with industry professionals. This exposure has enriched my academic experience and prepared me for future career endeavors.

Not only has SPE been instrumental in my personal growth, but its presence within the university community has also fostered a culture of collaboration and innovation. By organizing seminars, guest lectures, and technical competitions, SPE has created an environment where students can exchange ideas, engage in hands-on learning experiences, and stay updated on the latest industry developments. This benefits SPE members and inspires other students to pursue excellence in their respective fields, fostering a sense of pride in our university’s academic achievements.

Overall, SPE has played a pivotal role in shaping my academic and professional journey at PMU while positively impacting the broader university community by promoting collaboration, innovation, and excellence in education and practice.

What are you looking forward to in the future?

As a student graduating this semester with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and serving as the president of the SPE student chapter at PMU, I look forward to embarking on the next phase of my journey with excitement and determination. Professionally, I am eager to apply the knowledge and skills I have acquired throughout my degree program to real-world engineering challenges. I am enthusiastic about pursuing opportunities where I can contribute to innovative projects, collaborate with industry professionals, and make a positive impact in engineering.

Additionally, I am excited to continue my involvement with SPE beyond graduation. Serving as the chapter president has been a rewarding experience, and I am eager to stay connected with the SPE community as an alumna. I look forward to supporting future generations of SPE members, sharing insights from my professional experiences, and contributing to advancing petroleum engineering education and practice.

On a personal level, I am excited about the prospect of lifelong learning and growth. I am committed to continuously expanding my knowledge, honing my skills, and pursuing opportunities for personal and professional development. I am optimistic about the future and motivated to seize every opportunity for growth, success, and fulfillment.

Quotes from students

Being part of the SPE PMU Student Chapter has been a transformative journey, where knowledge meets opportunity, and growth becomes inevitable.

– Hatan Alessa, SPE PMU Student Chapter Vice President

As the president of the SPE PMU Student Chapter, I’ve witnessed firsthand the power of collaboration, innovation, and passion within our community. Together, we’ve turned challenges into opportunities and dreams into achievements, shaping a legacy of excellence that will inspire generations to come.

– Musab Fadel, SPE PMU Student Chapter President

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