SandRose Magazine: Contribution Description and Guidelines

Who are we?

SandRose Magazine is the official Publication of the SPE-KSA section published quarterly on our website and is distributed in print*.

SandRose magazine publishes articles highlighting the KSA section’s activities and events, in addition to technical and general interest articles.  We also have a standalone publication, SandRose Education, aimed at primary and secondary schools students to promote STEM fields, specifically energy sciences and the energy industry.

Our Mission 

Since its establishment, SandRose has aimed to support SPE’s mission of promoting knowledge dissemination and developing the technical and professional competencies of its members.

Write with us!

In addition to our flagship technical and general interest articles, we recently introduced several new features diversifying the way readers could contribute to future editions Contribution can be in the form of the following:

1-  Technical Articles: 

Technical papers and articles in the form of extended abstracts aimed at a specialized audience of oil and gas professionals. Can be a previously published paper or a unique article on a technical topic relating to upstream disciplines

A-Maximum 1,500 words

B-If previously published or approved, SPE paper must contain: motivation, problem statement, methodology, results, conclusion, and recommendations.

2-General Interest article:

Article in any topic of your choosing can be in health & fitness, business, popular science, art,..etc.articles aimed at educated, non-specialized audience.Word limit of 300- 800 words.

3-Technical Paper Digest: 

In this section, we curate several recommendations for technical papers from subject matter experts on topics relating to their respective disciplines-Upstream disciplines.

A- length 3-5 sentences,  or 100 words.

B- Describe the general premise of the paper and why you would recommend it to readers.

C- Can be a paper review from a conference or a journal publication or a report from an SPE or non-SPE platform.

4- Reader Reviews 

In this section, readers can share recommendations for books, films, podcasts that they found interesting.

A- length 3-5 sentences,  or 100 words.

B- Describe the general premise and why you recommend it to readers.

5-Member Spotlight

In this section, we select a distinguished member of the SPE-KSA community to highlight each issue and ask them a fixed set of questions. Participation is by nomination.

6- Reader’s Lens 

For photography lovers, in this section, we share photo submissions from our readers to be displayed in the magazine. The photo must be accompanied by a caption from the photographer commenting on the picture.

For other forms of contributions, including sponsored articles and creating the cover art, reach out to us on the email seen below.


If you’re interested in contributing to future editions, email us at

[email protected] 

*Due to the pandemic, we are currently distributing limited numbers of the physical versions of the magazine and other SandRose publications. We appreciate your understanding.