The PetroBowl contest is SPE’s largest student competition. SPE Chapters from around the world participate in this quick-fire quiz. Teams participate in Regional Qualifiers for a chance to attend the international championship games at SPE’s Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE).

The PetroBowl® MENA Region Championship will take place this year at our SPE-KSA Annual Technical Symposium and Exhibition. Teams from the MENA region are selected through the Regional Qualifiers managed by the Regional Directors and workgroups. The top five teams our Region will be invited to the PetroBowl Championship in ATCE in addition to the two finalists from the previous year.

PetroBowl® Questions

Please note that PetroBowl® Questions are created and maintained by SPE members. Recording, sharing or using PetroBowl® question sets is not allowed and is considered cheating. Any members who are caught recording or redistributing questions can affect their team or local Chapter’s participation in the games.

If you are a SPE Professional Member (no student members please) and want to submit your questions for use in our games

please submit your question to the database here.


PetroBowl CountDown