The PetroBowl® Championship takes place every year at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE). 32 SPE student chapters from several regional areas are nominated to participate in the international PetroBowl® contest. The student chapters compete against each other in a series of quick-fire rounds, solving industry related questions.

SPE-KSA section hosts the Middle East and North Africa PetroBowl® Regional Qualifier Contest. This year, the contest will happen in conjunction with SPE 2019 Middle East Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference (MEOS) held in Bahrain. The top 5 teams will be advanced to the international PetroBowl® Championship. The regional qualification will be run in a similar fashion to the international PetroBowl®.

Who is the host?

SPE – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section (SPE-KSA), Student Outreach Committee – Technical Enrichment Programs Team


20th, March 2019


SPE 2019 Middle East Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference (MEOS) held in Bahrain

The competition is bracket style with single elimination rounds. Two teams will compete, and the team with most points will advance to the next round.

Eligibility criteria


– 14 teams, representing 14 different SPE MENA Student Chapters, will be invited.

– The top two teams from the previous year’s regional qualification will be automatically invited, as long as the chapter is in compliance with SPE.

– Teams will consist of no more than five members. Other than having at least two junior year students (expected graduation in 2020), there will be no degree specific criteria for each team, although it is strongly recommended that teams diversify participants amongst Bachelor, Master and PhD level participants.

– Teams must identify a Faculty Advisor (FA) and a Team Captain at the time of registration. The captain will be the main focal point of the team. The Faculty Advisor must be an SPE member and a current faculty member of the university.

– Teams will be required to submit a team roster at the time of registration.

Individual players

– Participating students must be SPE members enrolled in the university they are representing.

– Contesters must not have more than two (2) years of full-time technical work experience (excluding internships).

Funding and Sponsoring

One night accommodation for the students participating in Mena Petrobowl Regional Qualifier is generously sponsored by Saudi Aramco. The check-in will be on Tuesday 19th, March 2019 in Le Meridian Bahrain. Registration to attend the Petrobowl regional qualifier is free and visa assistance will be offered.

Tournament officials


Each game will have at least three judges. All judges’ decisions concerning compliance to the rules and awarding of points will be final, unless an appeal is requested.


Each game will have a moderator. Questions will not be projected on a screen unless they specifically require a “Visual Aid”, in which case the moderator will clearly direct the participants’ attention to the screen.


Each game will have at least one scorekeeper. The scorekeeper(s) will keep the official score and individual statistics. Games will not be considered final until the scorekeeper has declared the official score.


Each game will have one timekeeper. The timekeeper will enforce time limits and supervise the game clock.


– Each round consists of toss-up questions followed up by bonus questions, if answered correctly. Each question is worth 10 points.

– Questions are selected from a questions bank, developed by our judges.

– Questions are intended to test the contestants’ knowledge of petroleum engineering and the petroleum industry. Questions may include history, trivia, current events, technical problems, and calculations.

If you are an SPE_MENA chapter and would like to participate with your team in the regional PetroBowl qualifier, please submit your application: 

Registration Deadline is Feb 15, 2019