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Ambassador Lecturer Program

SPE KSA Young Professionals share their career development and success stories in the industry with students at secondary schools and universities

Applications for new student chapters are reviewed three times a year. Please refer to the eligibility requirements below and the student chapter operations manual before you begin the application process.

Bringing an Ambassador Lecturer to your school or university is a great way for your students to learn about careers in the upstream oil and gas industry.

SPE offers lectures by young professionals who have recently transitioned from student to working professional. Presentations typically last between 30 and 45 minutes and will include:

An introduction to the upstream petroleum industry or a specific discipline

  • Real-life experience from a recent graduate who will discuss the challenges of job searching, the skills needed to perform job, and what the job entails
  • Information about the benefits of establishing an SPE Student Chapter and the resources available to SPE members.

After a Lecturer visits, you will be emailed for your feedback. Your valuable input will help us continue to improve our program.

To request a visit, email us with the following details:

  • Name and location of your school/university
  • Date required for your visit
  • Time required for your visit
  • Age of your audience

We will put you in touch with a local Ambassador Lecturer volunteer, or an SPE Section will arrange a visit.

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