SPE-KSA Becomes the Largest SPE Section in the World 

In July of 2021, the SPE-KSA became the largest section in the world with over 11,000 members. The  SPE-KSA Board of Directors and SPE International leaders shared some congratulatory messages to commemorate the occasion. 


Mr. Nasir Al-Naimi Senior Vice President, Upstream, Saudi Aramco & Honorary Chairman of the Board of Directors, SPE-KSA

“As Honorary Chairman of the SPE-KSA Board of Directors, I am proud to announce that SPE-KSA is the largest section worldwide, leading in both membership enrollment and retention. This outstanding accomplishment reflects SPE-KSA commitment to SPE’s mission of promoting knowledge dissemination, enhancing members’ technical and professional competencies. In addition, I would like to thank SPE-KSA members and volunteers in helping us reach this milestone. I trust that SPE-KSA will continue to provide diverse opportunities not only  to the oil and gas industry and beyond.”






Mr. Waleed Al-Mulhim Executive Director of Petroleum Engineering & Development, Saudi Aramco & Chairman of the Board of Directors SPE-KSA

“SPE-KSA prides itself on having a rich legacy of excellence since its inception back in 1959.  Last term, our section was faced with the Covid-19 pandemic, an unprecedented challenge that was unique in nature and brought a majority of the world to a halt. In spite of that, not only have the SPE-KSA team managed to survive the pandemic, but we actually strived and grew to achieve a long-awaited milestone. We are now the largest SPE section in the world! This tenacious spirit is evidence that SPE-KSA will continue to excel for generations to come.”







Dr. Ali Al-Meshari Chief Petroleum Engineer, Petroleum Engineering, Saudi Aramco & Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors`, SPE-KSA

“In 2021, the SPE-KSA section achieved a long-awaited ambition of becoming the largest SPE section in the world. This milestone comes at an unprecedented time for the industry. In the face of the challenges presented by the pandemic, the SPE-KSA section has triumphed, increasing memberships to an all-time high and it will be sustained. This growth is a true testament to the dedication of the SPE-KSA teams, the full support from Saudi Aramco and the resilience of the oil and gas industry.”







Mr. Khaled Al-Buraik Vice President of Southern Area Oil Operations, Saudi Aramco & Director, SPE-KSA

“SPE-KSA has a longstanding history of delivering a rich array of technical, professional, and social programs for the betterment of our industry and our society, I am proud to celebrate the occasion of SPE-KSA becoming the largest section in the world. This accomplishment comes at a unique time for the industry and is proof of its resiliency and the dedication of SPE-KSA members. I am confident that the SPE-KSA section will sustain this accomplishment and will continue to soar to greater heights.”






Mr. Dawood Al-Dawood Vice President of Northern Area Oil Operations, Saudi Aramco & Director, SPE-KSA

 “SPE-KSA Chapter is a living example of where solid execution meets strategy expectations. Being the largest section in the world did not happen overnight and surely did not happen haphazardly. This accomplishment came about as a result of clear vision by the founders, their belief in the capabilities of the section members and super execution by all of its members throughout the years. This recognition is for all of those who have contributed to this milestone we are enjoying today. However, with such global leadership comes huge responsibility. I am as confident as ever that our current and future young members will take us to higher heights and accomplishments.”






Mr. Abdul Hameed Al-Rushaid Vice President of Drilling & Workover, Saudi Aramco & Director, SPE-KSA

“It is fitting that Aramco, as the largest oil and gas operator in the world, has stamped its leadership within the industry by having the largest SPE membership globally. Saudi Aramco and SPE share a symbiotic relationship that focusses on excellence, the sharing of industry developments and technology advancements. This allows Aramco to provide opportunities to their Upstream professionals to enhance their technical and professional competence and achieve their full potential within their field of expertise with the ultimate goal of delivering best-in-class safety, performance and efficiency. Finally, we have been working hard over the past few years to achieve this milestone and it is what we deserve.”





Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Kaabi Dean of College of Petroleum Engineering & Geosciences, KFUPM & Director, SPE-KSA

”SPE-KSA has always aspired to achieve the highest quality work in all its activities and initiatives. Such historical achievement clearly reflects the hard work, dedication and remarkable leadership for many years; it is very gratifying and well-deserved milestone. Special recognition for the unwavering support to the local SPE Students Chapters; our future talent!”







Mr. Ziad Jeha Vice President and General Manager, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, Schlumberger & Director, SPE-KSA

“Schlumberger is a proud partner of technology innovation through the past 80 years it has been present in this Kingdom, we are in alignment with SPE-KSA chapter in the aim to power this industry with means to progress through shared expertise and technical advancements. As a member of SPE-KSA chapter board of directors, I congratulate the section on being the largest globally and I wish them continuous success for many terms to come. “






Mr. Abderrehmane Beloucif Vice President of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, Baker Hughes & Director, SPE-KSA

We are proud and honored that SPE-KSA become the largest SPE section globally despite the unprecedented challenges presented by the pandemic. This significant milestone reflects the dedication of SPE members and the value that SPE brings to the Kingdom.
Through our partnership with SPE, we are confident that we will achieve more in the future as we collaborate to take energy forward and continue to play a role in driving Saudi Arabia’s economic growth to become a global hub serving the world.
We are looking forward to further contribute to our industry and serve our local community and economy as a leading energy technology company.” 




Mr. Scott Regimbald Vice President of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, Haliburton & Director, SPE-KSA

“Congratulations to the Society of Petroleum Engineers-Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on becoming the largest global SPE section. Halliburton is honored to be a key contributor to and longtime supporter of this outstanding SPE geographical section. We look forward to many more years of collaborating on valuable initiatives to promote oil and gas technology, student and young professional development, and the local economy and communities.”





Hani Almaimani Vice President of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, Weatherford & Director, SPE-KSA

“ Congratulations to the SPE-KSA section on becoming the largest section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers globally and in the history of SPE. This monumental achievement shows the importance and position of Saudi Arabia to the Oil and Gas industry across the world. As our industry evolves, the SPE-KSA section remain of great significance to continue sharing and learning from our best practices, industry achievements, technical excellence and professional development. I am proud to be part of the SPE community and the Oil and Gas industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”





Mr. Khalid Nouh Chief Executive Officer, TAQA & Director, SPE-KSA

“Through its mission to collect, and exchange technologies and technical knowledge concerning the exploration, development and production of oil and gas resources, SPE-KSA became the leading section of the history of SPE globally. As we celebrate this significant achievement, I would like to stress that this organization garnered this respected position because of the value it offers for the advancement of the energy industry and for ensuring opportunities for Saudi professionals to enhance their technical and professional competencies are widely recognized. I have collaborated with SPE-KSA in many ways, I believe that SPE-KSA is on the road to becoming one of the most well-known organizations in the world’s energy industry.”



Dr. Tom Blasingame 2021 SPE President

“On behalf of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), I would like to congratulate the KSA SPE section on its achievement of becoming the largest single SPE section in 2021. While size is important, commitment to purpose and service are what really matters. I continue to be amazed and inspired by the commitment and achievements of the KSA SPE section — development of ambitious and progressive energy events, participation by Young and Senior Professionals in both event programs and service, and its continuous efforts to grow and extend the influence of the SPE in its region. I wish the KSA SPE section many, many years of continuous growth and service to the SPE; and I thank the KSA SPE section for its commitment to service and its energy and ambitions to achieve great things in our industry.”


Kamel Ben-Naceur 2022 SPE President

“Thank you for the volunteers of the SPE KSA Section for their commitment to serving our Society, and doing it with such a level of excellence. It will be my pleasure to work with the Section during and after my tenure as SPE President. I hope the world is now on a sustainable path of recovery from the impact of the pandemic, and that we can go back to a working and living mode, that captures the lessons learnt over the last 2 years. From the SPE, we are gradually returning to in-person events, and we were pleased to see many colleagues from KSA during the ATCE in Dubai. We look forward to a very successful 2022 IPTC in Riyadh. Finally, I would like to congratulate all the SPE International and Regional Award winners from the KSA Section this year



Mr. Faisal Al-Nughaimish Chief Drilling Engineer, Saudi Aramco & SPE Middle East and North Africa Regional Director

“I am delighted on this occasion to celebrate SPE-KSA becoming the largest section globally. I am both privileged and extremely proud to be part of this section, I am excited for the future, and, to seeing our young engineers in oil and gas play their part in advancing and evolving the energy industry both within the Kingdom and throughout the world.”







Mr. Abdulaziz Alsufayan Assistant to Vice President Petroleum Engineering & Development, Saudi Aramco & Director, SPE-KSA

“We have successfully accomplished a major milestone in SPE-KSA, a goal that has been a constant mission of our section. In 2021 we are proudly the largest section in the world leading all sections with the highest renewals, retentions and registration of new members. This is a true testimonial of the tremendous efforts and outstanding coordination from our membership team who maintained annual growth despite the global drop in membership across all sections.”







Dr. Ahmad Bubshait Supervisor, Saudi Aramco & Chairman of SPE-KSA section

“With a legacy of excellence, SPE-KSA has consistently delivered a series of impressive feats through its myriad of technical, professional, and social programs and initiatives, living up to the SPE mission of promoting knowledge dissemination and professional development. The efforts and dedication of SPE-KSA members, past and present, however, have collectively culminated in the remarkable milestone of becoming the largest section globally. To our SPE-KSA members, volunteers and partners, I would like to thank you and congratulate you on this achievement. As we enter this term, we are excited to uphold this legacy and continue to grow SPE-KSA’s renown and recognition across the kingdom and beyond, developing minds and inspiring the next generation of leaders.”

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