Established in 1959 as the first SPE section outside of the US, the SPE-KSA section proudly celebrates the milestone of its 65th anniversary this year. Following an illustrious legacy of achievements and service to its members and the industry at large, SPE-KSA currently stands as the single largest section globally. 

Over the years and successive terms, experience was passed down from one team to the next with the common goal of disseminating industry knowledge, cultivating the skillsets and broad acumen of our members, as well as giving back to our community. 

The current SPE-KSA Executive Board serves its members through a variety of platforms and media, including lectures, workshops, conferences, and social trips, as well as through its flagship publication: SandRose Magazine. 

Looking ahead, the SPE-KSA Executive Board team and its community eager to continue building this distinguished heritage towards new heights of excellence, growing and adapting alongside a dynamic energy industry landscape.