Mustafa Kidwai, SPE-KSA D&I Publications Team Editor


SPE-KSA successfully held an informative panel about the Importance of Diversity & Inclusion and its evolution in the workplace. 

The panel was held through a Zoom webinar. The panelists were:

  • Mr. Yousif AlTahan, Manager in Upstream Business at Saudi Aramco
  • Mr. Riyadh AlNajjar, KSA Country Leader in Transformation Management at PwC Middle East
  • Ms. Norma Taki, D&I Leader at PwC Middle East

The session was moderated by Ms. Hala AlHashmi.

 The aim of this panel discussion was to highlight the positive strides Diversity and Inclusion has taken in Saudi Arabia recently. The panelists were asked questions to highlight the importance of D&I and how to implement it effectively in the workplace.

When asked about the difference between diversity and inclusion, Mr. AlTahan said, 

“Diversity is attracting all types of talents globally; all genders, age, background, ethnicity, and education. Everyone will come with their own skillset and unique experience. Inclusion is where you harness all these and make them feel welcomed, engaged, and above all – respected.”

Yousif AlTahan

 Mr. AlNajjar added, “If we all had the same experiences, the same mindset, the same thinking, there would be no innovation going on.” Highlighting the importance of bringing different cultures and age groups to the workplace, Mr. AlNajjar went on to say, “combination is our strength.”

 Outlining steps emerging organizations should consider to better implement D&I strategies, Ms. Taki said, “The tone needs to be set at the top; select someone who is client-facing and understands what happens on the ground. Leverage data; Look at exit interviews, modeling, and predictive analysis.” Emphasizing the impact of D&I, Ms. Taki also added, “If we look at gender, you did not tap into 50% of your talent.”

The panelists’ insights were valuable and successfully showed Saudi Arabia’s positive developments towards fostering more inclusive environments.


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