SPE-KSA Diversity & Inclusion Team

Celebrating International Day of Persons with Disability: Towards a more Inclusive and Sustainable Environment 

By Mustafa Kidwai, SPE-KSA D&I Publication Team Editor

SPE-KSA Diversity and Inclusion committee successfully held an event in honor of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 12th at the Prince Sultan Rehabilitation Complex. The main goal of this event was to help people understand the journeys of persons with disabilities and how to support them. 

The activities included speeches by two successful persons with disabilities – Mr. Abdulrazaq Al-Turki & Mr. Wael Alomari, an open panel discussion with the two speakers, a workshop on sign language, and a corner where attendees could have their names written in braille which is the writing system used by persons with visual impairment. 

The first speaker of the day was Mr. Abdulrazaq Al-Turki who started his speech by declaring that persons with disabilities are capable of performing any role provided that they are supported with three things:

  • A proper level of trust.
  • An appropriate degree of tailored training.
  • Tools and technologies required to perform the respective duties. 

Mr. Alturki then highlighted the power of having hope by retelling his own experience of proving that the real disabled person is the one who is unable to achieve his hopes and dreams. He emphasized that as long as hope, ambition, and self-confidence still exist, then one will be able to achieve all their goals with ease. Mr. Alturki concluded by affirming that to be a prosperous community, all members of society should be strongly integrated and in touch with one another; that is how we will reach true happiness.

The second speaker of the event was Mr. Wael Alomari. Mr. Alomari emphasized the importance of the support families provide from a young age. He then clarified that if they were confident enough, society will not judge them for their disability because their accomplishments and achievements will eventually overshadow it. Mr. Alomari went on to add that he has noted an increase in awareness among Saudi youth; he has been hearing more and more proposals on methods to improve the quality of life for persons with disabilities by further integrating them into our societies and workplaces. This – as Mr. Alomari highlighted – is an important step that showcases the significance of removing obstacles persons with disabilities face in proceeding with their daily lives.

After having an engaging panel discussion with Mr. Alturki and Mr. Alomari, the next event was a workshop on sign language. The workshop was led by Mrs. Abeer Al-Saloom and Mr. Turki Alajmi who are certified sign language instructors and board members of the Bahrain Deaf Association. The workshop was interactive in nature and the attendees were provided infographics – such as the ones below – to help them grasp the presented techniques.

The event was well attended by over 150 participants which included members of SPE-KSA and the Prince Sultan Rehabilitation Center community. The event was also well received by the attendees who felt inspired by the two speakers’ stories and praised the practicality of the sign language workshop. SPE-KSA Diversity and Inclusion committee would like to thank the Prince Sultan Rehabilitation Complex and everyone involved for helping this event succeed in delivering its message.