Society of Petroleum Engineers, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia section (SPE-KSA), participated in IPTC 2024 which took place in Dhahran Expo on February 12th, 13th, and 14th. The booth attracted over 700 visitors from a diverse range of backgrounds including academia, oil & gas experts, and young professionals. The booth hosted a range of engaging activities throughout the duration of the event, including a puzzle hunt, podcasts, and trivia games. Participating at the IPTC presented a great opportunity for the SPE-KSA to engage and network with its current members as well as prospective members.

On February 12th, 13th, and 14th, SPE-KSA participated in the world-renowned International Petroleum Technology conference IPTC 2024 that was held in Dhahran Expo. The conference provided an ideal venue to network and engage with great minds that are interested in the Oil and Gas industry.

The SPE-KSA booth attracted 700+ visitors from diverse backgrounds ranging from academia to young professionals and oil and gas experts. The team from SPE-KSA were able to engage in discussions and exchange ideas with existing members and prospective members, with the aim of boosting the SPE-KSA section and unlocking its full potential.

Executive leaders from Saudi Aramco including Executive Vice President of EXPEC & Drilling Abdul Hameed Al Dughaither, Senior Vice President of Exploration Samer Al Ashgar, Senior Vice President of PE&ED Waleed Al Mulhim, Senior Vice President of Northern Area Oil Operations Dawood Al Dawood, and Director of P&FD Hamad Al Marri, along with SPE president Terry Palisch, and SPE CEO Simon Seaton visited the booth and celebrated the 65th anniversary of the SPE-KSA section along with the team. In their visit they praised the team for the great efforts that they have accomplished over the past years, and shared prospects of their vision for the society as a whole.

Throughout the duration of the conference, the SPE-KSA team arranged a number of activities to keep the participants engaged. The activities included trivia games and a puzzle hunt that were held at the booth, and tested the participants’ knowledge in SPE-KSA section’s three main focus areas: Digitalization, Sustainability, and Energy. In addition, SPE-KSA in collaboration with Flipping the Barrel, hosted captivating dialogues that were focused on the Oil and Energy industry within the Middle East.

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