School Outreach Program: Student Outreach Visits Dhahran Ahliyya Schools

Mishal Alsana, SPE-KSA Student Outreach

on September 29th, 2021 SPE-KSA’s representative and Student Outreach member, Mishal Alsana, held a workshop at the Dhahran Ahliyya Schools. The workshop was organized as a part of the Student Outreach team’s efforts to spread awareness of the energy industry and to provide an opportunity for young students to interact with professionals from the oil and gas industry. The workshop included a presentation titled “Energy and Petroleum Engineering and How to be Part of it”. Mishal engaged with over 80 high school students, explaining the importance of energy in our lives and the future of the oil and gas industry. He also shared his experience working as a professional engineer and his journey as a university student.

 The workshop was one of several sessions and workshops the Student Outreach team organized as part of its efforts to engage the young students and to promote knowledge dissemination.

SPE-KSA Student Outreach member, Mishal Alsana, presenting workshop at the Dhahran Ahliyya Schools to spread awareness of the energy industry

SPE-KSA Student Outreach Hosts Energy4Me Webinar for High School Students

Heba Alsoqair, SPE-KSA Student Outreach

SPE Student Outreach initiated the Energy4Me program consisting of a series of webinars hosted by SPE-KSA’s Student Outreach during and after school hours to deliver our energy ambassador program. The program aims to educate students on the value of energy in our lives and to broaden their understanding of the energy industry as a whole. The first installment of the webinar series was done in collaboration with officials from the Office of Education Supervisory in Dammam who were also in attendance. 

The webinar consisted of presentations on topics ranging from energy, sustainability, and petroleum engineering. In addition, the Energy4Me team presented three science experiments pertaining to petroleum engineering practices on concepts such as porosity, fluid density, and formation coring operations. The webinar was well-received by students and academic officials. 


SPE KSA Volunteers conduct experiments to students virtually


University Outreach Program: Student Outreach Participation at KFUPM TEDx Event

Ibrahim Almulhim, SPE-KSA Student Outreach Member

After a 7 year absence, the TEDx event was relaunched at King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) on September 17, 2021. TEDx KFUPM hosted eight speakers who spoke on a wide array of exciting ideas revolving around the theme of the importance of  strategic disruption in any organization. One of these speakers was Dr. Sami Alnuaim, SPE 2019 President, who spoke about how the paradigm shift the energy industry is focusing with carbon mitigation coming to the forefront. SPE-KSA’s Student Outreach team in collaboration with SPE KFUPM chapter also engaged with the audience members at the SPE booth to promote the society, its role and activities. As a result of the promotional activities, over 50 students signed up for SPE membership and expressed interest in participating in SPE activities.

SPE-KSA Student Outreach Team at KFUPM TEDx Event


University Outreach Program: Student Outreach Team Visits Al Asala Colleges

 Raneem Al Luhaidan, SPE-KSA Student Outreach Member 

Student Outreach members visited Al Asala Colleges to deliver an awareness session on SPE-KSA’s role within the Kingdom and the energy industry, and the many benefits of an SPE membership. The session was well attended with more than 70 students and faculty members, including the Dean of the college of Engineering. The attendees showed an interest in becoming members of the SPE family and in potentially joining the oil and gas industry. The event kicked-off the establishment of  an SPE student chapter within Al Asala Colleges to bridge the gap between academia and industry. 

SPE-KSA Student Outreach Team with students and faculty members at Al Asala Colleges

West Africa Energy4Me Training Session

Zainab Albaharna, Energy4Me Ambassador

On September 25, 2021, the Energy4Me program held a virtual training session for the West African region aimed at middle and high school teachers. Nearly 70 teachers registered for the session to learn more about the oil and gas industry. The session started with introducing teachers to society and the benefits of an SPE membership, including access to educational resources. Energy4Me ambassadors also conducted three exciting science experiments that touched on fundamental engineering concepts. The teachers found the training session rewarding and were excited to perform the experiments alongside their students.

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