SPE-KSA Trips and Social Activities (T&SA) Team successfully organized and held the “Eid Boxes” initiative on March 29th, 2024. The initiative aims to emphasize on the role of SPE-KSA in adhering to social responsibility and endorsing solidarity among the community.

In a testament to the dedication of SPE-KSA members and families toward the community, SPE-KSA Trips and Social Activities (T&SA) delightfully held and organized “Eid Boxes” initiative. In the sacred month of blessed giving, SPE-KSA T&SA Team cultivates hands to collaborate and give to the community. Members and their families were pleased to organize and accomplish the Eid Boxes initiative to package and distribute Eid Boxes to beneficiary families. The initiative aims to share happiness and spread joy among the community in the wakening of Eid Al-Fitr.

SPE-KSA Trips and Social Activities Team would like to express heartfelt gratitude and extend thanks to everyone involved in the success of this event.

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