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Join us for SPE-KSA’s petrothon covering three diverse aspects relevant to our energy industry: youth, sustainability, and digital transformation. SPE Energy Dynamics Petrothon , SPEED, is a unique platform that brings SPE community together to learn new skills, build amazing projects, and share ideas. SPEED aims to bring together multiple teams from diverse disciplines to tackle one of the three important challenges over a period of two days.
The team will get the opportunity to consult with subject matter experts to come up with their proposed solutions. The winning ideas/solutions will be based on three elements:
Innovation: How innovative and groundbreaking is the solution? And whether or not the solution used novel techniques?
Viability: Can we actually implement the solution? Is it realistic and original?
Benefits: How beneficial is it? And is there a potential to scale the solution in terms of social or economical value?
The winning solution will be potentially endorsed by our champions: Saudi Aramco’s Young Leader Advisory Board, King Salman Energy Park, and Saudi Aramco’s Upstream Digital Transformation.
Join us now for this unique event to think outside the box and meet some of our industry experts!




Youth Engagement in the Energy Sector
  • How can energy sector engage young people and close the generation gap?
  • How can we make the energy industry more appealing to younger generations?


Circular Economy in Oil and Gas Operations
  • How can circular economy approaches minimize waste in oil and gas
  • How can circular economy decrease cost of operations and benefit other industries?


ENABLING New Technology Adoption
  • How can we effectively moderate resistance to transformational technologies?
  • Suggest ways to encourage professionals to play an active role in the implementation?


Professionals from all technical disciplines who are currently working in the energy industry are eligible to register for SPEED.

All applications are submitted individually and randomly selected into teams. Successful applicants will be notified of their teams at a date closer to the event.

A total of 24 teams will take part in the energy dynamics petrothon with 8 teams of diverse disciplines competing per challenge, each team will focus on a single challenge.

All work must be completed at the venue with each team expected to deliver a 10-minute presentation. There will be a total of (3) first place winners, one from each challenge.

An information session will take place to reveal more details on the challenges and criteria that participants need to follow.


Register now for SPEED 2022 and join us on 17-18 October.

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