The Technical Programs

The Technical Programs provide SPE-KSA section members with an opportunity to interact with and benefit from the expertise of industry professionals and leaders.Through numerous dinner meetings and luncheons, members have the opportunity to hear from experts and industry leaders on technical aspects of the industry.


Team Members


Abdulaziz Nuaim

Technical Programs Chairperson


Ammar Siddiqui

Dinner Meetings Vice-Chairperson


Hala Alhashmi

Logistics Lead


Noor Saif

Technical Series Lead


Saud Fraikh

VIP Lead


Musab Gannas

Distinguished Lecturer Program Lead, Publicity & Media Lead


Akram Barghouti

Registration Lead


Bashayer Dakkan

Event Planning & Coordination & Trophy Lead


Dinner Meetings

Hosting dinner meetings is a rich SPE-KSA tradition, in which influential academic and industry pioneers discuss key strategies, tactics and success stories of entities that have built industries and impacted the economic arena.The section has been honored in the past to have had high-profile speakers, including energy ministers, presidents and CEOs of key industries and companies, and leaders of educational institutes.


Distinguished Lecturer Program

The Distinguished Lecturer Program delivered by a group of professionals, nominated by their peers and selected by SPE, to share their knowledge and expertise with SPE members through visits to different sections worldwide.The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia section has contributed to this program through providing and hosting lecturers throughout the years


Technical Series

The Technical Series aims to enrich the technical content of the section’s offerings by inviting technical experts to share their views and address challenges in the upstream oil and gas industry. These events cover a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:- Reservoir Description and Dynamics
– Drilling and Workover
– Production and Operations
– Reservoir Completion and Stimulation
– Petroleum Economics

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