By: Hala A. Alhashmi

Message from the Editor-in-Chief

I am delighted to present to you the first edition of SandRose for the 2019-2020 term of SPE-KSA. I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to serve as SandRose’s Editor-in-Chief for this term, and I aim for this publication to continue fulfilling its purpose of both highlighting the Section’s ongoing efforts and providing our readers with interesting, relevant and useful content.

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By: AbdulAziz K. Al Sufayan

Message from the Chairman

We would like to extend a warm and sincere welcome to our valuable members, who are our partners in the progress that we have achieved during the past years. As we move towards an exciting era in our industry, our team is committed to uphold the values that made our section a long-standing success. The diversity of this term’s executive board, who are coming from different disciplines and companies, shall augment a wider range of skills and amplify cultural insights.

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By: Hessah Alajaji

Saudi Arabia Through the Lens of: Hessah Alajaji

Hessah grew up in a household that appreciated travel and exploration. Early on, she was taught about the importance of paying attention to detail, especially in the destinations she travels to. Therefore, in her travels, she pays close attention to cultures, clothing, food and arts. Hessah’s curiosity grew with her as she went to study abroad in the United States. Read More ...

By: Moath Alofi

Saudi Arabia Through the Lens of: Moath Alofi

Born in Madina, Saudi Arabia in 1984, Moath Alofi is an artist, researcher, explorer and certified tour guide of the Madina Region. Currently, he is the Head of Cultural Programs at the Madina Development Authority. In addition to managing the Madina Arts Center, Moath is also the Founder of artistic studio Al-Mthba, and the Co-Founder of Erth Team, a production group trained and specialized in safari trips, aerial photography and travel documentation.

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By: Hala A. Alhashmi

Get to Know: Dr. Layla AlHassan, PhD in Chemistry, Radiation Catalysis

Get to Know

Dr. Layla AlHassan, PhD in Chemistry, Radiation Catalysis

In this feature, you will gain insight into the world of academia, specifically higher education and its birth in the Kingdom, during the 1970s. Dr. Layla AlHassan was the Dean of the Women’s College in Riyadh from 1989-1999, and played a leading role in the establishment of the program for women’s graduate studies in the Kingdom. In a time when it wasn’t common to see women in scientific fields, she acquired a Doctorate in Chemistry with a specialization in Radiation Catalysis in 1974. The SandRose team met with Dr. AlHassan to learn about some of the milestones and lessons of her life. Read More ...

By: Yazeed AlDughaither

The Impact of Electric Vehicles on Oil Demand under the Current Energy Transition

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are one of the fastest-growing segments of the automotive industry. Their eco-friendly premise appeals to an increasingly eco-conscious market, while in some cases offering supercar-level performance in a practical, luxurious, and daily-drivable package. They have also acted as catalysts for promising new technologies such as autonomous driving and high-performance batteries. Although conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles still comprise 98% of the car market1, the advent of EVs has forced industry stalwarts from Toyota to Audi and Ferrari to seriously reconsider their business plans. All things considered, what does this mean for the industry that provides the very fuel for ICE vehicles?

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By: Faisal M. Al-Thawad, PhD

How Leaders Think

Building and strengthening relationships and improving communication are skills that leaders need to possess in order to create a healthy environment that allows individuals to flourish to their full potentials. Obtaining such skills requires the well-developed ability to recognize different styles of thinking and personalities, which eventually allows us to understand the human brain and its different forms. This article sheds light on one of the instruments that leaders utilize to achieve that.

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By: Fahad Alwahhabi

Interview with Dr. Fahad Alwahhabi

Dr. Fahad Alwahhabi is a Geriatric Psychiatry Consultant at the King Fahad Medical City and Executive Director of Professional Practices for the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS) based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The SandRose team reached out to Dr. Alwahhabi to shed some light on mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, dementia and Alzheimer’s. Dr. Alwahhabi discussed the importance of using mental health awareness as both a preventative measure and as an opportunity to eliminate the stigma surrounding it. Read More ...

By: Nouf Alotaibi

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A Gentleman in Moscow

by Amor Towles

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