By: Hala A. Alhashmi

Editor in Chief Message

This third edition celebrates various successes across several fronts. And as usual, it gives me great pride that SandRose has the privilege of being the platform that delivers the successes of our people, our industry and our beautiful Kingdom. Read More ...

By: AbdulAziz K. Al Sufayan

SPE-KSA Chairman Message

“We Are Celebrating a Very Big Success” Dr. Mohammed Al Qahtani, 2020 IPTC Executive Committee Chairman

With over 18,000 visitors and delegates, record shattering numbers and immensely rich technical content, the International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC) was successfully concluded in January 2020. The 12 th edition of IPTC was held for the first time in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia with Saudi Aramco as the exclusive host, which offers further proof of the Kingdom’s central role and unique global position as an energy leader and provider. Read More ...


International Petroleum Technology Conference

January 13th-15th

IPTC 2020, the 12th edition of the International Petroleum Technology Conference, was held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the first time with Saudi Aramco as the exclusive host - a major milestone for the Kingdom in the world of energy and technology. The conference was held under the patronage of HRH Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister of Defense. IPTC 2020 was opened by HRH Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, Minister of Energy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Read More ...


IPTC and the Youth

Transitioning from student to young professional

It was the start of a new decade, and there was an atmosphere of anticipation in Saudi Arabia. One hundred students had been invited to take part in the Education Week Program of the International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC) 2020 – the first in the Kingdom. Read More ...

By: Sara M. Bechtold

IPTC and Young Leaders

Emerging Leaders in an Era of Specialization

Khobar – Bahrain’s Minister of Oil H.E. Shaikh Mohammed bin Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Khalifa shared wise words as the keynote speaker at IPTC Week’s Emerging Leaders event last month – encouraging young leaders to immerse themselves in the opportunities given to them by their companies, and to proactively tap into the immense knowledge pool of their colleagues. Read More ...

By: Khalid Butairi

IPTC From the Eyes of Our Editors

I have yet to attend an event of such magnitude. As soon as you walk in, the stunning view of the exhibitions and the incredibly-engaging visuals set-up at each booth fill you with a sense of awe. The event was truly “an international conference”, as you can see 151 vendors all the way from Japan to the United States, and everything in between. This serves as a reminder of how diverse and eclectic the Oil & gas industry is. Read More ...

By: Reem Alsadoun

IPTC From the Eyes of Our Editors

At IPTC, I had the opportunity to present my research to industry professionals from all over the world. Having such a platform prompted a discussion on the latest industry technologies and an exchange of expertise which I hope to apply to my research. The plenary sessions also provided me with incredible insight into current industry trends and challenges, and the future of the energy from the movers and shakers of the field. Read More ...

By: Baker Hughes

Sponsorship Article: Baker Hughes Brings New Transformative Capabilities to its Operations in Saudi Arabia

Baker Hughes, now transformed as an energy technology company providing industry-leading technologies & services, is strengthening its footprint in Saudi Arabia with several path-breaking initiatives towards a diversified workforce and cleaner energy solutions. Read More ...


December Dinner Meeting: Collaboration and Sharing Technical Expertise

December 15th, 2020

On December 15th, 2019, our Technical Programs team had a successful dinner meeting with its distinguished guest and keynote speaker Mr. Olivier Le Peuch, Chief Executive Officer at Schlumberger. The event took place at the Kempinski Al-Othman Hotel in Al-Khobar with a diverse group of 400 attendees. Referencing Vision 2030, Le Peuch talked about the importance of collaboration in the industry and the potential impact of sharing technical expertise, especially between the youth of the Kingdom. Read More ...


T&SA Blood Donation Campaign

December 11th–12th, 15th–16 th

The SPE-KSA T&SA team continued its blood donation campaign, which was initiated in September, with the following companies:

Read More ...


T&SA Greening the Kingdom

Afforestation Activity

December 7th, 2019, January 26th-28th, 2020

In light of SPE-KSA’s continuous efforts to preserve the environment, the T&SA team had the honor of collaborating with Saudi Aramco in holding an afforestation activity. The activity was inspired by one of Vision 2030’s initiatives to plant 1,000,000 trees around the Kingdom. Read More ...


T&SA Saddle Up Ride On

December 14th, 2019

The SPE-KSA T&SA team held a horseback riding activity for the first time and hosted a total of 27 participant of both genders and different age groups in Al Jawhara club. The event started with a morning tour of the club and an introduction to equestrianism. After the tour, the participants underwent basic training in horseback riding followed by a jumping show. In the afternoon, the team had lunch and began horseback riding and were able to try out arrow shooting as well. Read More ...


T&SA Judah Hiking Trip

November 29th, 2019

The T&SA team conducted its first In-Kingdom trip for this term: A hiking activity at Judah. The trip started with a social breakfast at Cosmo Café. Then, participants boarded the bus to Judah where they got to know each other through several ice breaker activities. Read More ...


T&SA Winterization Campaign

December 25th-26th, 2019

The Trips and Social Activities team held their annual winterization campaign in collaboration with the Eastern Province Municipality. The campaign was targeting workers with outdoor occupations to support them during the winter season. Winter clothing packages were distributed to workers in Dammam and Khobar over the period of 2 days. On December 25 th, the team distributed the packages to workers in Dammam corniche and several neighbourhoods. On December 26th, the campaign continued to cover workers in Khobar corniche and gas stations. A total of 300 packages were distributed in both cities.

Read More ...


SO Second Energy4Me Train the Trainer Workshop

Lou Jean Rodriguez

Energy Education Specialist - SPE

December 14th, 2019

Given the success of the first Energy4Me “Train the Trainer” workshop, the Event Management team in Student Outreach held its second workshop on December 14th, 2019, in Al Othman Office Tower in Dhahran. The workshop saw a total of 10 attendees who are SPE members from Saudi Aramco, Halliburton, TAQA and Weatherford. Read More ...


SO Energy4Me Team School Visits

Riyadh Alislam Boys School & Almishka Girls School

November 25th and December 4th, 2019

The Event Management team in Student Outreach conducted its first deliveries of the Energy4Me Workshops to schools. The team visited Riyadh Alislam Boys School and Almishka Girls School with a total of 72 students from both schools. The sessions included SPE members, school representatives and students. Read More ...


SO School Visits

Visits to AlAzizya, KFUPM, AlSafa, and Ajyal AlMwahib Schools

November – December, 2019

The Student Outreach team continued visiting schools and spreading awareness and knowledge to students. So far, the team has met with a total of 1500 students across all schools. Read More ...


SO University Visits

Dr. Mohammed Gronfula – Dr. Gulraiz Khan

Dean of Engineering College – Environmental Engineering

November 24th and December 18th, 2019

The University Outreach team from Student Outreach continued its university visits and met with Dr. Mohammed Gronfula from Alasala University and Dr. Gulraiz Khan from Imam Abdulrahman University. Read More ...


SO IPTC Teacher Science Workshop Energy4Me

Lou Jean Rodriguez

Energy Education Specialist - SPE

January 13th, 2020

The Student Outreach team played an active role in IPTC by conducting the “IPTC Teacher Science Workshop” as part of the Energy4Me certifier program to “Train the Trainer”. The workshop was held in Le Meridien Al Khobar and saw a total attendance of 80. Attendees were diverse and included SPE members, Eastern Province Science teachers, members from the IPTC organizing committee and Ministry of Education representatives. Read More ...

By: Mohammed Alnahhas

YP Highlights

Schlumberger Visit

YP Academy’s Visit to Schlumberger’s Center of Reliability & Efficiency (CRE)

January 21st, 2020

The YP Academy coordinated a visit to Schlumberger’s Middle East Center of Reliability & Efficiency (CRE) at Dammam’s Second Industrial City. This visit is part of YP Academy’s continuous efforts to enhance the technical knowledge of our young professionals and showcase the great initiatives and state-of-the-art investments in our region. Read More ...

By: Mayadah Alhashem

From Seed to Passion

Have you ever seen someone else do something for years, or even decades, without really understanding why they’re doing it? For example, there are people in this world who would spend a great deal of their time and money on astronomy, ballet dancing, forest exploration, or the art of making handmade wooden statues. The motivation is, in fact, not that complicated. They are simply passionate. Read More ...

By: Yazeed AlDughaither & Mahmoud Alqurashi

Patents: Inventing Our Tomorrow

What is a patent?

A patent is a type of intellectual property that gives the owner the exclusive right to an invention, which means the owner has the right to prevent others from using the invention without permission. Patent processes vary by country but are usually valid for 20 years from filing date. Read More ...

By: Fahad AlYahya

“The Diet Ninja” on diets, exercise, lifestyle changes, diet myths and overall health

Fahad is a Lifestyle Coach and Consultant. He is the founder of The Approved Market, a store based in Kuwait with an online platform. He is also the founder of the GoDietNinja brand with an active presence on several social media platforms, constantly providing health and fitness tips and communicating with his followers. Read More ...

By: Nouf Alotaibi

Gates Notes

About Bill Gates

William Henry Gates III is an American business magnate, software developer, investor, and philanthropist. He is best known as the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation.< Read More ...

By: Ahmad Ismail

Useful Resources

App: Remini

Remini is an online real-time photo enhancing app that fully leverages a state-of-the-art AI generative technology. Read More ...


SPE Who we Are

Who we are?

Read More ...


Women's Day Message

On this day, we celebrate our nation’s backbone. We celebrate the entrepreneur, the teacher, the doctor, the engineer, and most importantly, we celebrate the parents who supported all these women in their journeys to become leaders in their respective fields. We celebrate our Kingdom and the vision that shattered the glass ceilings for our women to reach a brilliant and brighter future. Today, we celebrate our industry, our Kingdom, and the backbone of it all, our women. Read More ...

By: Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare

Clean Hands…Healthier Community: How to protect yourself and others from the risk of infection

"The novel coronavirus COVID-19 is a new strain, identified in Wuhan, Read More ...

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