By Veronica Egbe, age 11, grade 6

Perfection at Ras Tanura Beach: A Spectacle of Events

Everything had been perfectly arranged, and the stage was set for excellence at Ras Tanura Beach as the Surf House welcomed a steady stream of enthusiastic crowds awaiting the event to start. While my mother ordered lunch from a nearby restaurant, I took a moment to soak in the beach’s beauty, I marvelled at the graceful waves reaching the fold-up chairs in the distance, and the radiant sun casting its golden rays upon the sandy shore. With numerous events happening simultaneously, it was a challenge to decide where to begin amidst the excitement and activity. Perhaps selecting my personal favourite could help solve this dilemma. I’m certain you’ll agree.

Thrills and Triumphs: Crawls, Ditches, and Sprints!

One of the highlights was the specially designed course for kids, which I personally found incredibly enjoyable! Each group was organized based on the child’s age to ensure fairness. The course consisted of a small rope climbing wall, followed by a long crawl. Participants then encountered a rectangular tub filled with water and a special material at the bottom, which added weight to slow down their feet. After navigating through a miniature ditch and ascending a sandy slope, they faced another crawl, this time in a deeper ditch, which they repeated twice. The course concluded with a long sprint on thin wooden planks, with participants racing towards victory! Volunteers rewarded the participants with water bottles and headbands, making it a memorable experience for everyone to showcase their athletic abilities.

A Rollercoaster Ride of Emotions: Pushing Limits

Next, there was the triathlon, which happened to be one of my personal favourites. It involved three main sports: swimming, cycling, and running. Each group selected one teammate to participate in one sport. In the previous community championship, my team and I won a bronze medal. This year, I aimed to secure at least second place. Though I didn’t know my teammates well, the challenge brought us together, fostering support and unity. We proudly named our team “Warriors” and lived up to its name. While each of us faced struggles in our respective challenges, we completed the laps, rounds, and tracks. The event took place at the Ras Tanura swimming pool, and the atmosphere was filled with tension and anticipation. All eyes were fixed on the man standing at

the edge of the brick wall, providing instructions to the younger kids before moving on to my grade level. The competition was fierce, with everyone driven to win. As I listened attentively, blocking out any distractions, everything seemed clear, yet my stomach churned with nervousness. Upon crossing the finish line, a wave of relief and accomplishment washed over me. However, as exhaustion began to set in, I pushed myself and was determined to finish strong. It was at this point my mother became concerned for my wellbeing. She noticed my persistent coughing, and a teammate’s mother worried I might be having an asthma attack. As a precaution, I was promptly transported to the hospital in an ambulance. Thankfully, I returned home perfectly fine and in good health. Nevertheless, the race went well, though I experienced exhaustion after completing my 10 km bike ride. It certainly was quite an adventure for me, and our team secured fourth place. The competition was excellently organized, and I eagerly await the next one! I learned that preparation is key, and with more preparation, I could have built the stamina for a greater challenge.

A Dreamlike Spectacle: Relieving the Opening Ceremony

Now, let’s delve into the opening ceremony, which was truly a dreamlike experience. The stage was adorned with flickering flames, creating an enchanting glow, while the performers were bathed in mesmerizing lights. I’ll never forget the breath-taking trick where two football performers seamlessly passed the ball from their backs to one another. It was a mind-boggling feat that left me in awe. There was also a basketball performer who showcased extraordinary skills with not one, but two basketballs. The tricks they performed were unbelievable, and I can confidently say that I have never witnessed anything better. Additionally, the stationary bike contest ignited excitement among the crowd, as I was genuinely impressed by the speed and finesse displayed by some of the kids. Unfortunately, I had to leave Ras Tanura at 6 p.m. to head home, but I found myself wishing I could have stayed longer. The opening ceremony was a spectacle that will forever remain etched in my memory.

The Community Championship’s Vibrant Spirit: Embracing Challenges

Wasn’t that an interesting tour of the community championship events? These activities were an absolute blast, and every detail was meticulously arranged. I am incredibly happy to say that I live in Saudi Arabia, a country filled with amazing people and extraordinary ideas. The community championship is just one of the many events that contribute to making Dhahran camp the incredible place it is today. I eagerly look forward to participating again next year. This year’s competition posed a greater challenge with the increased distance from 5 km to 10 km, pushing everyone to give their best. Participating in this challenge was a growth opportunity for everyone. As my late inspiring tutor, Mr. Charles, taught me, “Good, better, best – never let it rest… until your better is best.” Now that you’ve witnessed the exhilaration of these events, I encourage you to provide your children with the opportunity to experience this excitement as well. Who knows, you might even consider joining in yourself! Personally, I believe this year’s community championship was exceptionally eventful and challenged contestants to push their limits, which is precisely what we must endeavour to do in our lives. I advise youngsters my age to keep going and keep trying, even if it takes them out of their comfort zone. It’s the only way to explore new things and discover our strengths. Having the ambition to do well and working towards it is crucial.