By Batool Alsunbul & Abdulaziz Alsubaie

University Outreach Team Members 

Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University (PMU) continues to flourish, showcasing their commitment to fostering student engagement and professional development. One of the highlights of their achievements is the semesterly event dedicated to college club recognition, which serves as a gateway for introducing new students to the PMU chapter. This initiative has proven to be highly successful, as over 60 enthusiastic individuals joined the ranks of the chapter, bringing fresh perspectives and diverse backgrounds.

The event not only acts as an introduction to the chapter but also provides a platform for socializing with incoming freshman students who are embarking on their academic journey. As most attendees are new to college life, the event becomes an opportunity for camaraderie and support. Additionally, this gathering allows students from various majors to come together and realize the universal benefits of joining the SPE. The members’ efforts showcase how SPE can enrich the academic experience for students, regardless of their major or college affiliation.

One noteworthy outcome of the event was the impact it had on business students. Initially skeptical about the relevance of SPE to their field, they were pleasantly surprised by the chapter’s initiatives, particularly the field trips to prestigious companies like Aramco and Sabic. Witnessing the value these visits held for future career prospects, many business students reconsidered their perceptions and recognized the advantages of engaging with SPE.

Furthermore, the event serves as a platform for collaboration with other clubs, such as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). By building connections and sharing ideas, SPE-PMU gains inspiration and insight into enhancing their own chapter activities. The chapter’s president and officers actively participate in these interactions, understanding the value of such gatherings in elevating the quality of offerings to their members.

In collaboration with SPE-KSA, the student chapter organized Membership Drive Event on October 24th, with the attendance of dean of engineering, Dr. Jamal Nayfeh, where SPE-KSA team participated by delivering an informative presentation on SPE, its activities, and benefits that students get when becoming active members.

The event included awarding “Most active member of the year” form the chapter. Finally, a competition was held where members who gets highest number of new member to join the chapter will be awarded. During this event, more than 50 new members joined SPE-PMU.

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In addition to their campus activities, SPE-PMU has proudly represented their university on a global scale. Three exceptional members were selected out of thousands students from 13 universities from the Middle East and North Africa to participate in the prestigious SPE ADIPEC Exhibition and Conference University Program 2023. Held in Abu Dhabi from 1-3 October, this event offered a unique platform for networking and learning within the petroleum engineering community, youth engagement activities, a visit to ADNOC, and attending technical sessions from industry experts.

Another significant achievement for the chapter was their participation in the DGS Professional Meeting held on October 8th in Al-Khobar, where they had the privilege of hosting Edward Wiarda, the President of the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE).

Wiarda delivered a captivating presentation titled “Energy Transition,” providing valuable insights into the evolving energy landscape.

SPE-PMU chapter continues to thrive, bridging gaps between students of different majors, debunking misconceptions, and providing enriching experiences. Through their events and achievements, they exemplify the spirit of collaboration, growth, and professional development, ensuring a promising future for their members at Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University.