Yazeed Aldughaither


Dear valued reader, 

As we embark on a new term in SPE-KSA, I am thrilled to share the culmination of months of diligent work by our dedicated editors, diverse contributors, esteemed industry leaders, and highly-regarded subject matter experts. It is this unique and rigorously curated blend of technical insights, community stories, and bold ideas that defines SandRose Magazine

In this edition, we are excited to explore the theme of ‘The Future of Mobility’. This concept not only encompasses the core products of our industry, but also resonates with the intrinsic human desire to be free, explore, and discover. Looking ahead, we asked ourselves and our contributors: what does the future of mobility hold?

In our quest to satiate our curiosity, we interviewed Mr. Yasser Mufti, Senior Vice President of Products & Customers at Saudi Aramco, to glean insights into the landscape of the industry as well as the global and domestic outlook of mobility in its many forms. The SandRose team also connected with Dr. Nihal Al Sabbagh on the fascinating and highly pertinent topic of enabling pedestrian mobility in cities with hot climates, such as ours. 

Beyond that, we are also delighted to feature a multitude of technical articles and personal perspectives from our community and beyond, along with some highlights from the exciting first few months of SPE-KSA’s sections. As the largest SPE section globally, our membership volume is only outmatched by our ambitions to go above and beyond in enriching our members’ experiences, creating a lasting positive impact to our community, and broadening our horizons in the context of an ever-evolving energy landscape. 

I extend my deep and sincere gratitude to each and every one of our varied contributors, who span a vast range of backgrounds both professionally and in virtually every demographic facet. Our work would not be possible without you, and it is first and foremost for you. To our valued sponsors, editors, and readers: thank you for being part of our undeterred drive to develop our members’ technical and business acumen, share knowledge and experiences, and connect our community. You are the engine of our progress and motivation.

I hope you thoroughly enjoy perusing our inaugural issue, and I encourage you to reach out to our team to offer your unique perspectives, feedback, and contributions. 

Kindest regards, 

Yazeed R. Aldughaither