Round 3: Final Cermony

Make sure to be ready on the 22nd of June to present at the final cermony.


Here you can find all the information and sources regarding the challenge, rounds, criteria and more:


SPE-KSA Energy Solutions OVERVIEW

SPE-KSA energy solutions is a one-month competition on circular economy in the oil and gas industry where participants will get the chance to work in groups of diverse multidisciplinary teams. Every team has to identify a challenge in the energy section and explore new ideas and innovative solutions for sustainable development in the oil and gas industry. The competition consists of three rounds, two of which are virtual. All teams will have a unique opportunity for participants to work with SMEs to showcase their skills and ideas to persuade the investors into securing the funds for their idea..

IPTC 2024 abstract submission deadline is on June 26th. Support will be provided by SMEs for teams to submit their round-2 abstracts to IPTC. Submission is encouraged!


Prepare to attend and showcase you solution in the final ceremony at Aramco UPDC



First Round

May 27


Video content
  • The difference between linear and circular economy.
  • Three incentives to switch to circular economy.
  • The chosen stage/process for circularity implementation. 

Second Round

June 8

Refining Solution & Abstract Submission
  • Refine your solution.
  • Attend workshops.
  • Conduct feasibility study.
  • Consult with SMEs and mentors.


June 22


Idea Pitching
  • Present your proposed solution. 
  • Persuade investors to fund your proposal.
  • Create your unique model to be presneted in the final exhibit.

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