TAQA – Energy from Within – “Our People”

The growth journey at TAQA began a few years ago with a well-defined strategy and key milestones to position the company among the leading international Oilfield Services and Equipment companies, delivering value to our shareholders, customers, and above all, our people.

To drive this exciting journey to success and maximize value, it was imperative that we cultivate the energy of our key stakeholders. We believe that energy takes its most authentic form in people. Whether it is the positive impact that an individual’s energy has the potential to create, or the union of many to collaboratively achieve, the power of human energy is at the center of all progress. This collective power proudly defines us as a people-centric organization. 

Our stakeholders are key enablers of our strategy, central to our core values, and the driver of all key initiatives within the organization. Our strategic direction as an organization, is provided by our shareholders and customers, and we keep moving in that direction, on our growth trajectory, by harnessing the energy of our people. 

Accordingly, we foster a workplace culture that is conducive to building, maintaining, and promoting optimal levels of energy that empowers our people and inspires innovation. We invest in our people through fulfilling career opportunities, recognizing and rewarding performance, and nurturing career development.  All this has proven to be pivotal to our growth and success. We celebrate our wins, big and small, which reinvigorates the energy among our people and the organization, which by virtue extends to our customers and stakeholders.

This energy from within is demonstrated by the high employee engagement levels achieved at TAQA over the past three years, consistently exceeding the industry benchmarks. This is a testament to the One TAQA culture fostered within our organization and the many other contributing factors, such as our Leadership Brand, our Employee Value Proposition, and the carefully crafted Employee Journey.

We are committed to maintaining high levels of energy and employee engagement and leave no stone unturned to tailoring each employee’s experience and journey at TAQA. We strive to ensure that this experience is consistent at the organizational level, at the same time, customized to each employee’s performance and interests. A plethora of digital platforms are made available to our employees, which in turn provides our HR team with crucial data to construct bespoke employee experiences. 

A consistent area of strength in the annual employee engagement survey “Empowerment” of our employees resulting in optimum energy levels central to our ongoing success.  Not only do these possibilities energize our employees, but the organization benefits considerably from business continuity and talent retention. Another area of our strength is the resulting positive “Workplace Culture “at TAQA. Powered by a robust policy framework, steered through strong leadership, governed by stringent codes of conduct, and executed by capable employees on the ground, we at TAQA are proud to foster a culture conducive to building, maintaining and promoting optimal levels of energy within the company which is foundational to building a world-class oil field services organization.

As we progress towards our next milestones, TAQA is committed to continuously investing in nurturing its “Energy from Within” which will propel us to achieve an Employer of Choice status soon. 

We pledge to always be “The Enabler of Energy”, committed to value-creation, economic growth, and long-term sustainability.