Vision & Mission

The team aims to bridge the gap and equip young professionals and subject matter experts with the knowledge and skills needed to become experts and industry leaders.



Discover Engage and Develop young professionals 35 years old and younger by providing relevant technical and leadership resources in addition to networking opportunities.

Young Professionals Technical Symposium (YPTS)

The Team

YP Academy:

YP Academy focuses on developing the technical skills of young professionals through courses, workshops, and technical trips. All YP Academy sessions are credited and added to the employee training history. Furthermore, YP Academy launched two additional initiatives this term:

  • The Writing Coaching Program to encourage young professionals to write technical papers and participate in regional & international contests.
  • Enrich series

Inspirational Leaders:

Inspirational Leaders program focuses on hosting pioneers and role models from different managerial and technical professions to inspire young professionals. As well as conducting workshops and courses to enhance and develop the youth leadership skills.


One of the biggest and most energetic platforms in Saudi Arabia for young professionals to network and enhance technical knowledge and soft skills across the industry. YPTS includes technical and non-technical programs hosting key leaders from the oil and gas industry.


Balance program focuses on emphasizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle through hosting health enthusiasts and conducting outdoor activities and challenges. The program highlights fitness, safety and self-development that balances between work and personal life.

Team leaders

Kayum, Suha N (2)

Suha Kayum

Young Professionals Chairperson

Mohammed Muslem

YP Vice Chairperson


Musab Talal

YP Academy – Team Leader

Marcin Rogowski

YP Academy – Vice Team Leader

Rowa Tawfiq

Balance – Team Leader


Rawan Al Zayer

Balance – Vice Team Leader


Rabab Meshikhes

YPTS – Team Leader

Eyad Al-Ali

YPTS – Vice Team Leader


Bassam Al-Julaih

Event Management – Team Leaders

Faris AlShehri

Event Management – Team Leaders

Jana Al-Jindan

PR & Media – Team Leaders


Sarah Alruwaily

Inspirational Leader – Team Leader


Fatimah Al-Ali

Inspirational Leader – Vice Team Leader


Haitham Othman

Event Planning & Coordination – Team Leaders

Young Profitional_Mutaz Alsubhi_TeamPhoto_200x200px

Mutaz Al-Subhi

Event Planning & Coordination – Team Leaders

Young Professional_Ali Altowilib_TeamPhoto_200x200px-01

Ali Altowilib

Spotlight on YP – Team Leader

Young Professional_Ala'a Alsalman_TeamPhoto_200x200px

Ala’a Alsalman

Spotlight on YP – Vice Team Leader


Sarah Al-Saif

Treasury – Team Leaders


Afnan Al-Mashat

Treasury – Team Leaders

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