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The Society of Petroleum Engineers – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Section (SPE – KSA) is proud to announce that the 2017 edition of its Annual Technical Symposium and Exhibition (ATS&E)

ATS&E will be held at Dhahran Expo, 25-27 April, 2017 & will have the following theme

Embracing the Vision Towards Energy Prosperity

Technical Program

Technical presentations & E-poster sessions


Oil & Gas industry latest technologies & tools

Courses & Workshops

Technical courses & workshops with continuous educational units (CEU)

ATS&E  in Numbers

More than



More than


Technical Sessions

More than


Papers & Posters

More than




Panel Discussion & Keynote Speakers

2017 ATS&E panel discussion will be related to the 2030 Kingdom’s vision. More information regarding the speakers and the topic will be released soon.


ATS&E is SPE-KSA biggest event, the success of the event depends on our generous sponsors.


Contact ATS&E Team

Contact the ATS&E Team for any inquiries by filling the form or through the e-mail below

About Us

The Annual Technical Symposium and Exhibition (ATS&E) is considered a prime event that highlights the mission of the Society of Petroleum Engineers – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (SPE-KSA) in providing means for trading technical information concerning the oil and gas industry. Over the past couple of decades, this event has grown in size, representation, and importance to include the accepted papers in the SPE online e-library.


The symposium has been renowned as a key source for its technical sessions, publications, training courses and workshops. The symposium also shares the new technologies emerging the market of oil and gas industry, attracting people from different corporates around the region. It has reinforced the section’s relations with other SPE sections not just in the Middle Eastern region, but also with other sections worldwide. It has further been recognized through the years by the local and international oil and gas scientific communities and SPE International. The recognition of The Symposium by SPE International has led to acknowledge the accepted papers in the ATS&E by their inclusion in the SPE online e-library.

Venue Information
Venue Info

Dhahran International Exhibition Co., Dammam

Address:4344 Exhibition Rd, As Saif, Dammam 34213

Ph: +(966) 13 859 1888

About Eastern Province

The Eastern Province is the largest and one of the dominant provinces in Saudi Arabia. The region is located in the eastern part of the country on the Arabian Gulf coast with a population of 4,105,780 as of 2010. It brings the most income to the country and provides the most crucial product; petroleum. The region holds most of oil production and petroleum industry in the Kingdom.

Eastern Province is home to Saudi Aramco’s headquarters, the state-owned largest oil producing company in the world, where it is based in Dhahran. The region is also home to the city of Jubail, a universal core for chemical industries, which hosts the Jubail Industrial City as well as the world’s fourth greatest petrochemical company.

On the southern outskirts of the city of Khobar, passes King Fahd’s Causeway (completed in 1986); linking the Eastern Province to neighboring island country of Bahrain. Equipped with all necessary facilities, the causeway serves as a gateway to facilitate the flow of traffic between two countries and to strengthen existing relations between them.

Its location on the coast of the Arabian Gulf allows it to host a variety of neat beaches such as Sunset Beach, Half Moon Bay and Al-Azizia beach in Khobar.


Average annual temperature is 33° C during day and 22° C at night. Usually during April, the weather is transitional ranging between 37-50° C during day and 24-36° C at night.

Suggested Wardrobe

Light weight summer clothing is mostly ideal with a sweater o jacket for air-conditioned premises.


While Arabic is the official language, English is widely spoken



Time Zone

Saudi Arabia is on Arabian Standard Time, which is GMT plus three hours


The official currency is the Saudi Riyal.

The exchange rate is approximately: USD 1 = SR 3.75


Samara: +966 13 887 9555

Majestic: +966 13 876 8881/2

Hanco: +966 13 894 9002

Local Embassies

Spain: +966 11 488 0606

United States: +966 11 488 3800

Germany: +966 11 488 0700

India: +966 11 488 4144

Japan: +966 11 488 488 1100

Russia: +966 11 481 1875

Brazil: +966 11 481 0025

France: +966 13 857 8340

United Kingdom: +966 13 882 5300

Tourism Center: 800 755 0000