SPE-KSA 2021-2023 End of Term Achievements

After a long and rewarding term, the SPE-KSA Executive Board will now pass the torch to its new members after an achievement-filled two years. This term marked the introduction of a new identity for SPE-KSA which revolves around three key pillars: energy, digital transformation, and sustainability. Despite starting the term with the unprecedented circumstances of COVID-19, the team showed resilience, quickly adapting and recovering from the pandemic, and enabling the return of in-person events. The impact of this term has launched SPE-KSA to new heights with its many legacy outreach events, programs, and initiatives, in addition to a variety of novel programs.

12 committees worked in concert to pour back into a thriving energy industry, with a variety of valuable offerings to disseminate petroleum engineering knowledge, developing professional skills, and nourishing a broad yet tightly-knit community. These programs brought together students and professionals from all levels of experience and sub-sectors of the energy industry in an effort to further bolster these dynamic networks and arrays of experience. 

The team founded a new committee for Diversity & Inclusion (D&I), which took confident first steps in fostering an environment that is welcoming to the varied spectrum of students and professionals. This committee garnered a team of 50 volunteers who worked together to organize 10 events with an attendance of 1000+ people. The Information Technology (IT) Committee also took large strides in automating SPE-KSA’s operations to transform and align the chapter’s broad-reaching efforts. 

SPE-KSA also played a significant role in organizing world-class conferences, workshops, and lectures as part of the Conference Management, Young Professional, and Event Management Committees’ diligent efforts. Here at SandRose Magazine, we take pride in showcasing our section’s achievements and engaging with our readers through interviews, editorials, technical articles, event coverage, and more. The Public Relations (PR) Committee also shone a spotlight on these activities and broadened the range of its beneficiaries. The Membership Committee also boasts the accolade of SPE-KSA being the world’s largest SPE section at 12,000 members and counting. 

Reflecting on this remarkable term, we demonstrate our commitment to maintaining a legacy of excellence and delivering higher standards of productivity, responsibility, and resilience. As we transition to the incoming SPE-KSA Executive Board, we are confident that our accomplishments will be built upon and transcended.