Member Spotlight Questionnaire 

In this section, we select a distinguished member of the SPE-KSA community to highlight each issue. 

Ibrahim Moussa
Managing Director-SLB, Saudi Arabia & Bahrain

Executive Sponsor of SPE-KSA

1. Why did you decide to join the energy industry?

The excitement of the adventure, the global and local aspects of the industry, and the sheer scale of the projects drew me in. It is an industry made by those who think big and manage to successfully combine science, engineering, and business acumen to realize humanity’s vital need for energy. Over the years, as I gained more insights into the industry, I developed a great sense of pride in being part of this community of dedicated professionals who, in simple terms, feed the world with energy, enable socio-economic development, and drive progress. Today, energy is more than ever central to humanity’s prosperity, but at the same time, we need to rethink the whole ecosystem to preserve our planet. We all must wear our pioneer’s hat again and embark on this mission, hence being a leader in this industry today is even more fascinating.

2. What event, person, or life experience has had the most influence on the direction of your life?

Different experiences have an impact on how we live our lives and choose our careers. Some people may be inspired by a mentor who has achieved success in their field, they can be motivated by overcoming a personal challenge or by reaching a significant milestone. When I started on the job, I interacted with numerous colleagues from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and disciplines, all working together towards a common goal. This diversity, which is unique, enriches the working environment and brings about multiple approaches and talents.  Working, learning, and socializing together in a camaraderie spirit with mutual respect in a borderless environment has made me a true citizen of the world. By this, I mean that our rich and multicultural working environment has taught us tolerance, openness, and curiosity to an all-new level. 

3. What does SPE mean to you?

(SPE) is a dynamic organization that provides technical knowledge, training, networking opportunities, innovation, and best practices for the community. Members may also benefit from technical training and career development opportunities that can help them achieve their professional career goals. Developing young talent, progressing the industry, and cross-pollination of ideas between community members have a high impact on the development of careers, as observed every day in our domain and community.  It is a privilege to work in that industry, and it is our role to open to others in the wider energy industry who are not aware of the complexity, precision, and technological innovation aspects of our operations.  This spirit of pioneering and innovation has advanced the oil and gas industry to where we are now.  I firmly believe that this same spirit and knowledge will serve the world again as we diversify our energy sources through the energy transition. SPE plays a crucial role on this journey as a backbone for young talents and the future of our industry. 

4. When you’re not working, how do you enjoy spending your time?

While it may seem that being at the helm of a very large operation with thousands of team members does not allow time for off work routines, those mental breaks are crucial, even if brief, to re-energize, inspire, and ultimately a testament to one’s ability to plan and be ahead of the curve. I cherish the time I spend with my family, hiking trips, engaging in cultural activities and events, and reading stories and insights about the different corners of the world.   I have learned over the years to protect the time for hobbies.  They keep the mind sharp and provide a wider view of the world.

5. What are you looking forward to in the future?

I must admit I often wake up with the belief that we are about to achieve something memorable here and now. With SLB’s nearly 100 years of passion for science and technology combined with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s drive to strive in a new energy and economic future,  I see all the elements aligned to achieve a historical leap forward. And I see that Saudi has it all: oil and gas, solar and wind, hydrogen and energy storage, geo-energy and CCUS, etc.

We are fortunate to be living and operating in Saudi today, teaming up with passionate and talented people acting together for a brighter future.

6. Advice you would give to other SPE members 

Never lose your curiosity.  Our industry has a great journey ahead.  Leverage your network and the fantastic opportunity that SPE offers us all to connect and further personal and collective goals. Be sure to enjoy the ride! Let’s embrace the opportunities ahead and work together to create a brighter and more sustainable future for the energy industry and the generations to come.