SPE-KSA IT: Experience Safety with Virtual Reality

The Society of Petroleum Engineers, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia section (SPE-KSA) in collaboration with Upstream’s EXPEC Computer Center (ECC) and Loss Prevention, delivered ‘Experience Safety with Virtual Reality’ an event aimed at promoting safety using immersive technology. The week-long event took place on June 4-8 at EXPEC Dhahran and included an interactive booth which attracted hundreds of visitors.

Visitors to the booth benefited from a range of immersive safety scenarios, such as exploring hazard recognition, confined space entry, and remote travel requirements. Notable visits by Saudi Aramco’s senior management include Dr. Ashraf Tahini, VP of EXPEC Computer Center, and Mr. Faisal Nughaimish, VP & Chief Petroleum Engineer, and Vice-chairman Board of Directors (SPE-KSA), among other members of management.

The showcase was designed to replicate real-world scenarios in a safe and controlled environment, allowing employees to practice their response to emergencies without any risk to their physical well-being. The virtual reality technology used in the simulations was highly realistic, with 360-degree visuals and sound effects that created an immersive experience.

The event also featured a talk by Abdulrahman Alamer, who is a safety engineer with more than 8 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Abdulrahman discussed the benefits of implementing virtual reality technology in workplace safety training and presented examples of actual simulations that are currently being developed and implemented. He highlighted the importance of creating engaging and interactive training programs that can hold employees’ attention and help them retain critical safety information. Attendees were encouraged to explore the potential of virtual reality technology in enhancing their existing safety training programs and to consider the long-term benefits of investing in this technology.

Hundreds of guests visited the showcase, the outcome of which was extremely positive and impactful.