SPE-KSA’s T&SA Visits the Shaybah Wildlife Sanctuary

SPE-KSA’s Trips and Social Activities Team arranged to visit Shaybah Wildlife Sanctuary on December 18th -19st, 2022. The visit included several activities such as the GOSP-2 tour, Shaybah Wildlife Sanctuary, and live shows. The main goal of the events is to have a memorable, spiritual, educational, and recreational once-in-a-lifetime experience at Shaybah. along with a Pledge to the Environment. 

Shaybah Wildlife Sanctuary is one of Saudi Aramco voluntary sustainability community initiatives to contribute to biodiversity restoration. Located adjacent to the mega-facilities in the area, the fenced sanctuary now protects dozens of native plant and animal species.

For a country that is mostly desert, Saudi Arabia has a surprisingly diverse population of wild animals and plants to restore these critically important habitats. Likewise, the company has reintroduced Arabian oryx, Arabian gazelle, and red-necked ostrich into the vast Shaybah Wildlife Sanctuary in the Rub’ al-Khali desert.

on December 19th,2022, we kicked off the trip with an overview of the GOSP-2 and its complex operation when it comes to Oil, Gas and Energy production, then started the tour to the Sanctuary with our first stop at Shaybah Wildlife Sanctuary Center, where we got introduced to the eco-system, exposed to the different sand layers, exotic desert roses and plantations, in addition to the extraordinary species roaming around this Sanctuary. 

Lastly, conclude this one-of-a-kind experience by enjoying the natural sunset from the top of the Dune, surrounded by this beautiful red sand with a view over the entire brilliant camp, while a traditional musical band playing in the background elevated the whole atmosphere to another level. Not to forget the outstanding hospitality of Shaybah people.

A special thanks go to Abdulaziz Fathi, Faisal Bash, and Murtadha Altaroti for successfully leading this visit, and utmost appreciation goes to SPE-KSA team and its volunteers for their excellent efforts. This event could not have been possible without your energy, commitment, and support.

For Shaybah photos please click here